Marion Price and Alixir EQ | BioStar US

BioStar Success Story: Alixir EQ Saves the Show!

“I’d just arrived at the Virginia Horse Center in October for the Region 1 USDF championship. My horse started colicking badly, and I could not get a hold of the show vet. My horse was sweating, shaking, and trying to throw himself on the ground.

I thought he was going to die at this show I’d been so excited for. A vendor at the show (The Horse of Course) rushed over and gave me two tubes of Alixir EQ – and within 15 minutes he was recovering. Eventually the vet came and said he was fine.

I stocked up on tubes of Alixir and used them for the rest of the show. I’ve never seen such a dramatic turnaround. I’m a huge BioStar fan for saving my horse and the show.

We placed 7th in 1st Level AA Musical Freestyle championship.”

Marion Price

Marion Price and Alixir EQ | BioStar US

~ Photo credits: Liz Crawley Photography

Alixir EQ

Alixir EQAlixir EQ | BioStar US is a comprehensive recovery formula providing whole-horse hydration support for performance horses as well as mitochondrial support from purified shilajit extract. Alixir EQ™ uses the oral transmucosal pathway, providing fast delivery to the systemic circulatory system.
The paste includes organic barley grass powder for SOD (superoxide dismutase), and camelina oil for added vitamin E.


Marion Price and Alixir EQ | BioStar US


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