BioStar: An Insider’s Report

My job at BioStar is to taste-test formulas, lick up any crumbs of Optimum that may have fallen on the floor during the production run, entertain the employees, and try to con anyone into sneaking me another dog treat. I also do my best to manage Tigger, but that is a hopeless situation.

My entertaining personality is actually a very important role at BioStar.  My human says that in the making of BioStar products, there cannot be “negative juju” around, because it can affect the vibrational quality of the foods.

BioStar is a pretty laid back and fun place to hang out. When I’m not making my rounds checking on customer service, accounting, HR, production, raw materials, packing and shipping, I take naps in my office (my human thinks it’s her office, but we’ve agreed to disagree). And, of course I attend all meetings and try to get my picture on more labels.  The humans pat my head, but won’t answer me on that.

Things you may not know about BioStar:

All the remnants from the production runs are composted.   This would not be possible if BioStar used chemically synthesized ingredients, because what goes into the soil eventually goes into my food.   I wouldn’t like that very much.  Instead, the only thing that goes into the soil is organic goodness.

May the Force be With You:BioStar Kemosabe with Star Wars friends
I frequently like to channel my inner Wookie.  Rick even has a Chewbacca poster in his office!  A life-sized cardboard cutout of the Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO welcomes visitors to BioStar. I’m not sure what it all means, but it’s a fun game!

Charity Support:
BioStar donates profits every quarter to a different charity, specifically animal, environmental, and sustainable farming organizations. Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince my human to donate to The Kemosabe Charity for Unlimited Marrow Bones.  Hmpf.  I’ll have to bring that up at the next meeting.

Customer Service 7 Days a Week:
My human is always taking care of BioStar and its customers.  You can reach Tigger seven days a week either through the company’s 800 number (1-800-686-9544) that forwards to her cell after hours and on weekends, or by calling or texting her cell phone directly. You can also email: or Personally, I don’t know why she doesn’t take weekends off like a normal person, but she says, “taking care of horses isn’t a five-day work week.”

Employees Matter:
Employees like myself are very important to BioStar, so as long as the work gets done, I can be free to be me. No one judges or sends a note to HR if I just have to take a good roll on the floor in the middle of a production run, or practice herding techniques on Lynn in customer service.    It’s nice that everyone’s opinions,  barks and howls are valued, so I never get the destructive urge to chew up the rugs. Also, all of the team members are well paid for their efforts — I get so many treats!

Full Disclosure
My human is kind of a nut about full disclosure, and I’m grateful for it.   She doesn’t understand why more supplement and feed companies aren’t more forthcoming about where and how their ingredients are grown, sourced, handled, and processed. BioStar is one of the very few companies that lists the country of origin for every ingredient on their website.  It means that I, my brothers, and all my dog and horse friends are ensured the very best ingredients in our food and supplements.BioStar Kemosabe's favorite Wookie

Of Course

I’m pretty proud of the way BioStar works.  But, if it were me running BioStar, I’d lay down a few direct orders:  Provide free Optimum bars for every dog, install a swimming pool, and call me Han Solo.

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