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Assessing quality of food ingredients


BioStar prides itself on using only authentic nutrition. That means all of our ingredients are organic, non-GMO, non-synthetic whole foods.

We also pride ourselves on transparency. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible so that you may be empowered to provide your horses and dogs with the best, authentic supplements.

Don't Forget the Vitamin E | BioStar US

Don’t Forget the Vitamin E for your Horse!

Vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins that horses cannot synthesize or make in their bodies. Unlike the B ...
Katrin Derreumaux's success with BioStar Neuro-Plex EQ

Katrin Derreumaux and Success with Neuro-Plex EQ

"I have been rehabbing a teenager FEI gelding with a former front end injury. Like with any lameness, one always ...
Keeping your horse warm in the winter | BioStar US

How to Help Your Horse Stay Warm this Winter

Providing circulatory support to horses during the winter months is beneficial on many levels, as is maintaining good “digestive fire,” ...
Katie Robicheaux and Laney Success with BioStar

Laney’s Success Story

"After a few years of treating Laney’s ulcers with only medication, and not much success, I decided I needed a ...
must-haves in your tack trunk | BioStar US

Must-haves in your tack trunk

When I was competing, my show trunk held the usual necessities: extra saddle pads, a spare halter, extra girth, assorted ...
Integral K9 for dogs | BioStar US

Collagen for Canine Gut Health: Integral K9

The most common health challenges dog owners tell us about are the GI tract issues in their dogs. These issues ...
BioStar Employee Testimonials | We Don't Just Work Here

We Don’t Just Work Here

Working at BioStar means getting an up-close look at everything that goes into our unique whole-food equine and canine supplements ...
Daily Neuromuscular Support with Neuro-Plex EQ Powder | BioStar US

Daily Neuromuscular Support with Neuro-Plex EQ Powder

Neuromuscular support is essential for an increasing number of horses. Ever since BioStar introduced Neuro-Plex EQ paste syringes for as-needed ...
Eggshell membrane collagen | BioStar US

Eggshell Membrane Collagen for Horses and Neuro-Plex EQ Powder

Collagen is a popular protein ingredient in supplements for humans, dogs, and horses. A few years ago, I got on ...
Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic Success | BioStar US

Success: Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic!

“Orange is a very tall (17.3+) 8-year-old GOV gelding who is competing at 4th level and schooling the I1. He ...
Neuro-Plex EQ for Neuromuscular Health | BioStar US

Neuromuscular Support: BioStar’s New Neuro-Plex EQ

I hear a lot from riders, veterinarians, and sports therapists about horses dealing with neuromuscular disorders, nervous system imbalances, muscle ...
Choosing the best poultice for your horse | BioStar US

Choosing the Best Poultice for your Horse

Poultices have been used for healing over thousands of years; in fact, we can consider poultices to be one of ...