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Healthy microbiome diversity in the GI tract starts here.



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Star-Lixir EQ: Equine Cooling and Recovery Formula | BioStar US

Star-Lixir EQ: Equine Cooling and Recovery supplement

BioStar’s Alixir EQ paste is one of our most popular paste formulas. It helps horses recover from physical exertion, heat, ...
What you need to know about your horse's gun-brain connection | BioStar US

What You Need to Know About Your Horse’s Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain axis is complex, and there is so much we don’t yet know about the intricate world of the ...
Healthy Pastures mean Healthy Horses BioStar US

Protecting the Equine Gut from Herbicide and Pesticide Exposure

Recently a customer notified me that she had her feed tested for glyphosate (Roundup) residue. She had been happy with ...
Hedgerow GI The Next Generation of Gut Support | BioStar US

Hedgerow GI: The Next Generation in Gut Support

Hedgerow GI: A new formula with ancient roots Several years ago, I became interested in traditional English hedgerows and how ...

A Horse is a GI Tract on Four Legs

Recently I read an article on a presentation about gastric ulcers in horses given at the Association of Equine Practitioners ...
Bacillus subtilis | BioStar US

Bacillus subtilis: The Spore-based Probiotic You’ve Never Heard Of

This summer, I was introduced to a new probiotic strain by a colleague who is a human supplement formulator. He ...
Tulsi aka Holy Basil | BioStar US

Tulsi, “The Incomparable One”

In Western herbology, Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum), is categorized as an adaptogen: a plant capable of ...
BioStar's Travel Tips for Equestrian Season | BioStar US

Healthy and Safe Travel with Horses

The annual migration south is occurring, as horses from all over the U.S., Canada, South America and parts of Europe ...
Vitamin E and Neurological Support for Horses and Dogs | BioStar

Vitamin E & Neurological Support for Horses and Dogs

Over the past year, I’ve noticed a bit of a cognitive change in my 13 year old Australian Shepherd, Kemosabe ...
Horse Stable Vices and Domestication | BioStar

Horse Stable Vices and Domestication

What we horse owners refer to as stable vices (cribbing, wind sucking, and weaving), are also known as stereotypies, or ...
Vitamin E for Horses and Dogs | BioStar US

Vitamin E Supplements for Horses & Dogs

After many years of searching, we finally found a vitamin E complex of tocopherols and tocotrienols that meets our high ...
Anna Hallene | BioStar Sponsored Trainer

Anna Hallene: BioStar’s New Trainer Spotlight

Meet Anna Hallene, BioStar’s newest Trainer! Anna Hallene is a young hunter/jumper professional based in the Chicago, IL area as ...