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Choosing the right probiotic | BioStar US

Choosing the right probiotic for your horse or dog

With so many probiotic supplements to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is right for ...
Marcus Orlob makes Team US

BioStar Heads to the Olympics

Team BioStar rider Marcus Orlob has achieved his life-long Olympic dream aboard his newest superstar mount, Jane (Desperado x Zandra).  ...
Support for the Equine GI Microbiome - Hedgerow Restore | BioStar US

Gut Recovery for Horses: Hedgerow Restore

The GI tract of horses is complex and fascinating. As efficient as it is for an animal who eats 16-20 ...
BioStar's Happy Horse Award

BioStar’s Happy Horse Award

Recently there’s been plenty of controversy in the dressage community over horse welfare, particularly as it pertains to the horse’s ...
Jumping Horse for Ligatend Collagen EQ by BioStar

Ligatend Collagen EQ: Joint & Connective Tissue Support for Horses

Collagen is an amazing protein. It is the most abundant protein in mammals, comprising up to 35% of the whole-body ...
Now I Know How the Horses Feel | BioStar US

Now I Know How the Horses Feel

Tigger finds that treating herself like a horse is a great way to walk the road to injury recovery: Recently, ...
Don't Forget the Vitamin E | BioStar US

Don’t Forget the Vitamin E for your Horse!

Vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins that horses cannot synthesize or make in their bodies. Unlike the B ...
Hoary Alyssum: A plant you don’t want to find in your hay | BioStar US

Hoary Alyssum: A Plant You Don’t Want to Find in Your Hay

Recently several horses in Wellington, Florida presented with swollen legs, fevers, and laminitis. The culprit appears to be hoary alyssum, ...
Katrin Derreumaux's success with BioStar Neuro-Plex EQ

Katrin Derreumaux and Success with Neuro-Plex EQ

Katrin Derreumaux talks about the improvements in hind-end strength and balance she's seeing after giving BioStar's Neuro-Plex EQ: "I have ...
Keeping your horse warm in the winter | BioStar US

How to Help Your Horse Stay Warm this Winter

Keeping horses warm in winter means providing the circulatory support that's beneficial on many levels — as is maintaining good ...
Katie Robicheaux and Laney Success with BioStar

Laney’s Success Story

BioStar hears from 2023 Regional Fourth Level Dressage Champion Katie Robicheaux, who offers her tale of dietary challenge and triumph ...
must-haves in your tack trunk | BioStar US

Must-haves in your tack trunk

When I was competing, my show trunk held the usual necessities: extra saddle pads, a spare halter, extra girth, assorted ...