Kemosabe Feeling Alright

Feelin’ Alright with Joe Cocker (and Trinity K9)

Kemosabe gives his vivid, personal account of canine life with BioStar’s Trinity K9 supplement.

My human likes Joe Cocker.  I like Joe Cocker too, because he is named after a dog.  Sometimes my human takes her headphones off, turns up the volume and gyrates around the room to the music.  The music transports her, but I don’t know where it transports her to.  Thunderbear says the music takes her to a multi-dimensional plane, but I think it takes her back to her memories.

One time, as the Joe Cocker rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends” played, she told us the story of driving the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey to San Luis Obispo, California with two friends in 1985, and playing a cassette tape of Joe Cocker in the car.  The day started with Irish coffees in Monterey, then they smoked a joint, and later ate copious amounts of munchies.  She told us of the synchrony of coming into Big Sur while With a Little Help from My Friends blasted through the car’s speakers.  Of pulling the car to the side of the road, getting out and feeling the wind and ocean and what she described as the spiritual alchemy of Big Sur.  Arms outstretched, long hair blowing, smell of sea spray, waves pounding the rocks below, feeling herself centered, free, expansive… the ah-ha.

Thunderbear says it was the weed, not Big Sur.  And knowing what we now know about the endocannabinoid system, the CBD in the cannabis she smoked supported her body’s homeostasis, that sense of centeredness.  The THC in the cannabis gave her the munchies.

I mention this story because of the way I have been feeling on BioStar’s Trinity K9 with organic hemp biomass.  I have been feelin’ alright, with less of those aches and pains and stiffness.  I am not stoned, and I don’t get the munchies, because hemp biomass does not contain THC.  I have my usual Aussie energy, and more importantly I have equilibrium, that inner sense of being alright, centered, happy within myself, or as NASA puts it: all systems go.

I was one of the original test dogs for BioStar Trinity K9, due to the dysplasia I have in my right elbow.  It can make me quite lame and irregular.  It took about two weeks before my human noticed how much sounder I was.  I noticed more quickly than that; I started borrowing Wookie’s toys and taking them outside to my personal stash area under a boxwood.  I only borrow things when I am feeling good.   When I feel especially happy, I borrow shoes from my human and Peter.  I don’t chew them.  I simply carry them and then deposit them outside in my treasure trove.   Let me just say, that the longer I am on Trinity K9, the more often my human has to go looking for a missing shoe, a sneaker, a slipper, and she is less than amused when she finds them soaking wet from the last rain.   And yet, every evening, there is that wonderful scoop of Trinity K9 in my food bowl and I can keep feelin’ alright.

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