Flaws are Perfect

Lazarus: Perfection Through FlawsI admit it, I snore. I also lick the floor and like to play in garbage. I have multiple scars, am missing some teeth, and am nearly blind. Some may call these ‘flaws’ — after all, perfection includes a beautiful smile and impeccable behavior, right? Wrong, it’s the flaws themselves that make each of us perfect. It’s these flaws that tell our individual story, giving us each our soul and our spirit.

I am Lazarus, a 13 year-old bear-hunting Plott Hound whose scars tell my story and whose soul earned me my name.

This is not meant to be a religious commentary but I think that dogs are Animists – believing nearly everything in this world has a spirit; from trees to dogs to bears, each adding wonder into the other’s life. With trees asking to be peed upon, bears not wanting to be bothered and dogs asking to be sniffed we understand our role in the universe – we eat, we sleep, we poop. And with our flaws we each give and get love in a unique fashion. That is what makes us perfect.

If I considered my flaws to be obstructive, personal defects I would not have reached this time in my life, and could not enjoy what I now do. Near-blindness hasn’t stopped me from enjoy a daily walk outside; after all, it is the scars that get the girls’ attention. A damaged nose hasn’t lessened my excitement when recognizing my caretaker has returned home. Occasional farting amongst others won’t stop me from demanding you share the bed.

I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation. I have faith that being a good dog will get me treats, but I’m unsure if not chewing the furniture will take one to the Enlightened state. However, we question things we think to be perfect and try to find their flaws. Why? To see if they have life! The perfect diamond can only be admired but never worn. The physically perfect must be plastic, the perfect behavior from a machine, each lifeless. It is the flaws that give one its soul.

Be flawed to show you are perfect. Snore to show you are alive.

(Lazarus lives with Biostar’s Rick Moore)

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