Formulator’s Corner

Chester in the BioStar Lab with Tigger


This is where we go down the rabbit hole and talk about research and experiments with food, plants, and ingredients. The place where new ideas are sprouted, and new formulas and products are created. Tigger Montague, our founder and formulator, shares her insights and scientific research on health, nutrition, ingredients, and formulas. These articles are the basis of our products and our philosophies.

Selenium yeast vs Selenium selenate with horses | BioStar US

Selenium Yeast vs Sodium Selenite

Selenium is an important mineral for horses. This trace element plays a critical role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA ...
dog food

Definitions for “Natural” Foods, Potency, and Dosage

I have a confession: I can be swayed by a product marketing campaign as easily as anyone. Words such as ...
Oxidative Stress in Horses with Gastric Ulcers | BioStar US

Oxidative Stress in Horses with Gastric Ulcers

As many of you know, I am rather obsessed with the GI tract. From as far back as 2007 when ...
What Labels Don't Tell US | BioStar US

What Labels Don’t Tell Us

When I’m doing nutritional consults, I often need to look up various feed and supplement labels on products the customer ...
Neuro-Plex EQ for Neuromuscular Health | BioStar US

Neuromuscular Support: BioStar’s New Neuro-Plex EQ

I hear a lot from riders, veterinarians, and sports therapists about horses dealing with neuromuscular disorders, nervous system imbalances, muscle ...
Choosing the best poultice for your horse | BioStar US

Choosing the Best Poultice for your Horse

Poultices have been used for healing over thousands of years; in fact, we can consider poultices to be one of ...
Chi Tonic EQ from BioStar US

Chi Tonic: Revitalize, Restore, Rebalance

In Eastern medicine, the essential life force is known as qi (pronounced “chee”, also known as “Chi”) in traditional Chinese ...
Understanding the role of iron in horses | BioStar US

Understanding the role of iron in horses

Iron is an important mineral for horses, but its use is often misunderstood. While humans may often be deficient in ...
Tips from the Field | BioStar US

Tips and Tricks from the Field

One of the advantages of being in Wellington for the winter circuit is learning from other experts in the field: ...
Adaptogens for Horses from BioStar US

Why Adaptogens are Wonderful for Horses

Adaptogens are specific plants and fungi that help the body manage stress, both physical and mental, by supporting regulation of ...
Hedgerow Paste for Horses | BioStar US

Hedgerow Paste: Quick & Easy Equine Probiotic

This past autumn, BioStar introduced Hedgerow Pronto, a fast-acting dual-formula gut supplement for horses, providing both Hedgerow Mash and Hedgerow ...
Increasing Microbial Diversity Wild Horses | BioStar US

Look to the Gut: Increasing Microbiome Diversity

The microbiome of the gut is a fascinating universe — one we are just beginning to understand. The complexities are ...