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Hedgerow GI Success for Scout & Cape

Hedgerow GI Gut Balance by BioStar USHedgerow GI is BioStar’s newest GI Tract Support formula, recommended to provide balance and homeostasis for the gut. It is a multi-dimensional approach to wellbeing and GI Tract support.

Our beta-testers have reported back!

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     “My sweet old guy Scout is a 29 year old paint gelding. He has had a leaky butt that chaps his legs and attracts flies for over 2 years. I started the beta test with Hedgerow on March 10, 2022. I started him off with two doses a day for about a month.
     In two weeks he wasn’t much better but slightly less leaking. However, after three weeks (March 31) I really started noticing a difference. Then April 4th he really took a turn for the good! 
     Today he is staying steady with hardly any leaking with Hedgerow once a day.
I believe he has had this for so long that the time it took to make a difference would not happen over night. 
     I am super pleased with how he looks and the condition of his coat has improved, his eyes are brighter. Hedgerow has made a real impact on Scout’s life!!” 

– Holly



     “I have what feels like the world’s most sensitive mare. At least as far as her stomach is concerned. Feed her the wrong probiotic, and she will quite literally throw herself on the ground colicking. Make the wrong addition to her feed? She will crib so voraciously you think the barn is going to come down. She’s destroyed more buckets than I’ve been able to keep count of.
     But since we started her on Hedgerow, I’ve barely heard a peep out of her. Additionally, it’s the only form of turmeric she tolerates. (Anything else, and we’re back to tearing buckets off the wall)
     We have some gnarly mycotoxin issues in our pastures that we’ve been unable to resolve — when they’re bad, you can hear the horses’ gut sounds while standing in the aisle. The best we’ve been able to do is binders, most of which don’t sit well with this mare either.
     Since starting on Hedgerow, her gut sounds have normalized, and her stomach is FAR less sensitive. Instead of being agitated and irritated all the time, she’s back to being her sweet, wonderful self.
     I have two other horses on Hedgerow as well — my 21 year old TB gelding and my 2 year old Anglo filly. The gelding has had awful skin issues, despite a very tightly balanced diet, all winter. When we put him on the Hedgerow, we were able to observe lymph lines in his skin, similar to what we see when we Magna-wave him. His skin issues aren’t gone, but I do believe the Hedgerow is helping support his immune system in clearing them, and he seems happier overall.
     Finally, both he and the 2 year-old have been really difficult about eating hay all winter. Since starting them on Hedgerow, they’re both eating consistently and I’m not worrying about them standing around with empty stomachs causing more problems.
     I’ve been so impressed with this product. Some of the results are more subtle than others — but to see my mare feeling like herself again is SUCH a blessing.  would love to see every horse in our barn on this product. It’s a godsend. Thanks to Tigger and the rest of the Biostar team for bringing this to the market. I don’t want to be without it!!

 – Elyse

THANKS to Holly and Elyse for their willingness to try Hedgerow GI and provide such honest feedback!

(Photos by Holly and Elyse. Heading photo: Scout, by Holly.)


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