Nutrition and Feeding

Nutrition and Feeding


Diet and nutrition protocols, important information, instructions, and advice for horses and dogs.

Allergies on the Rise in Horses | BioStar

Allergies on the Rise in Horses

It seems that new allergies are popping up every day. Human allergies are quite common and we are learning more ...
Horses, Allergies, and Histamines | BioStar US

Horses, Allergies, and Histamines

It has become apparent that more and more horses are dealing with allergy sensitivities and respiratory issues. Allergies and asthmas ...
Horse Hindgut Health and Butyrate | BioStarUS

Hindgut Health and Butyric Acid

An estimated 65% of all performance and sport horses experience hindgut ulcers. Stress (including environmental, training, and transport stress), nutrition, ...
Medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs & Horses

Medicinal mushrooms have thousands of years of use as therapeutic foods in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as in ancient ...

Ask Tigger: Diet Recommendations to Build Muscle

Dear Tigger, I recently purchased a horse that was doing mid-level dressage and am transitioning him into a mid-level jumper. I ...
Horse on Optimum Defense label

Supporting the Equine Immune System with Optimum Defense

The equine immune system is a vast, complex biological apparatus. How well it functions depends on a number of factors ...
Sym-Biota K9 | BioStar US

Liquid GI Support for Dogs:
Sym-Biota K9

Keeping our dog healthy begins with the gut, and dietary GI support is key to achieving it. Hippocrates said, “all ...
East Meets West: Integrated Nutritional Support for Cushing's Horses

Integrated Nutritional Support for Cushing’s Horses

The approaches to biological health challenges — including treatment of insulin-resistant and Cushing's horses — are very different between Eastern ...
Cooling Foods | BioStar US

Cooling Tips for Horses, Dogs, and You

With record breaking heat covering much of the country this month, it’s a good time to seek out cooling tips ...
Consider the Source: Not All Colostrum Supplement Products are Alike | BioStar US

How to Select the Best Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is a sought-after supplement whose growing popularity stems from research on its important contributions to human athletic performance ...
Colostrum-38 | BioStar US

Bovine Colostrum for Horses, Dogs, and People

Bovine colostrum is one of those versatile supplements that I always have on hand for the horses, the dogs, and ...
Thera-Gard | BioStar US

Relief for Ulcer-Prone Horses

BioStar’s Tri-Gard EQ paste and Thera-Gard EQ provide gastric and digestive support for ulcer-prone horses. BioStar developed Tri-Gard EQ and ...