– By Rick Moore

We all search for grace.  Whether via religion or yoga, (most) everyone would like grace in their lives.  After much searching, I have found her, and would like to introduce the world of Biostar to Grace.Grace

When I last wrote, I was looking for a new dog after months of grieving over Lazarus.  Friends and family knew I wanted a special dog – one needing extra love after a difficult time in life; one that prefers naps to hikes and only barks in emergencies.  My closest friend sent a picture.  My heart skipped.  A Plott Hound – she could be Lazarus’ younger sister! Of course I had to call the rescue group and find out more.

One of my biggest concerns when thinking about another dog was the comparison factor.  Would I constantly be comparing the next dog with Lazarus?  Would I be easily frustrated with any differences? How many times would I call her Lazarus out of habit?  I called the foster mom with two pages of questions, all needing just the right answer.  In the end those answers didn’t really matter.

Grace was found roadside with no tags and several injuries. While being initially treated she was found to have cancer in an eyelid and several mammary tumors as well.  Her actual age unknown (vets guessing between 5-7 years), it was apparent that she had been used/abused as nothing more than a puppy-making machine at every possible moment. Litter after litter, the pure-bred puppies treated better than the mother that birthed them.  I traveled to meet her, spent the day with her and napped beside her.  My heart became attached.  Still, I couldn’t adopt her until she was cleared after her surgeries.  A long 30-day wait.

Lazarus and GraceI’ve now had Grace for 90 days.  She looks very much like Lazarus – enough so that our veterinary staff all commented on it.  She loves to eat carrots, unlike Lazarus, and does so with gusto – teeth showing and radiating excitement.  She likes a wonderful belly rub, just like Lazarus, showing her interest with a roll on the back and tucking under of the paws. Lazarus made his thoughts clear – he had a voice.  Grace is still finding hers, but is becoming more comfortable every day.  No doubt you’ll hear from her soon.

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