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Star-Lixir EQ: Equine Cooling and Recovery supplement

BioStar’s Alixir EQ recovery supplement paste is one of our most popular paste formulas. It helps horses recover from physical exertion, heat, humidity, and stress, and supports the normal balance of body fluids. Many riders have been asking us for a powder form of Alixir to use every day, not just at shows.

You asked for it, you got it! Introducing: Star-Lixir EQ recovery supplement powder! Coming Wednesday June 15!

Star-Lixir EQ Cooling and Recovery for Horses | BioStar US

Alixir EQ paste | BioStar USStar Lyte EQ for horses | BioStar US

Star-Lixir EQ is a blend of BioStar’s Starlyte EQ electrolyte powder formula and BioStar’s Alixir EQ recovery paste. This unique blend provides:

  • Sea-sourced mineral salts with over 75 minerals and trace elements.
  • Shilajit’s mitochondrial support for ATP production, muscle and metabolic support, and CoQ10 efficiency.
  • Ayurvedic cooling ingredients like mango to reduce heat in the body system.
  • Fennel’s digestive and gut health support.
  • Holy Basil’s Ayurvedic adaptogenic rejuvenation support.
  • Antioxidant support from Alaria.

Ingredients in Star-Lixir EQ

Sea SaltCeltic Sea Salt: Collected from sea water and sun-dried in a tradition of harvesting that goes back hundreds of years, Celtic sea salt provides sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium that are lost during the process of sweating.

Hawaiian Black Lava SaltHawaiian Black Lava Salt: Known for its rich mineral content, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is sun-dried in the native Hawaiian tradition. It also provides activated charcoal from coconut shells, which can help neutralize and trap toxins, allowing them to be eliminated.

Alaria Esculenta | BioStar USOrganic Alaria esculenta: a wild seaweed known as “wild Atlantic wakame,” Alaria is a rich source of iodine, and other macro and micro minerals. Alaria has been used traditionally in European and Native American coastal cultures, and was originally used for horses, chickens, cattle, pigs, and sheep.

Organic Barley Grass juice powder: a cooling plant providing the antioxidant SOD and flavonoids. Antioxidants are very important for recovery from physical exertion. Barley grass provides over 300 different enzymes.

Mango fruitOrganic Mango: Considered cooling in Ayurvedic Medicine, mangoes help to replenish glycogen in the muscles, while also providing protein and fiber, plus folic acid for red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body.

fennel seedsFennel Seeds: Another cooling plant in Ayurvedic Medicine, fennel seeds have been used for digestion and relief of gas and bloating for thousands of years.

shilajit powderShilajit (Primavie® patented extract): A bioresin found in the Himalayan and Ural mountains, Shilajit is rich in humic and fulvic acids. Translating to “conqueror of weakness” in Sanskrit, it’s been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Scientists now recognize its ability to support mitochondria, ATP and CoQ10 availability.

holy basil tulsi - BioStar USHoly Basil: One of the most sacred and revered plants in Ayurvedic Medicine, Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is an adaptogen, helping the body rebalance and establish homeostasis. Holy Basil supports the normal levels of cortisol, and aids in body/mind rejuvenation.

Beta Testing Star-Lixir EQ

Our initial beta testing was for palatability, since we already knew that Alixir EQ worked and the results it provided. Several of the first beta test horses ate it right out of their riders’ hands. 80% of the beta test horses had no trouble eating it in their feed.

Our next beta test was a hot, humid CDI in May. There were no palatability issues with this group of beta-test horses. All the riders reported that their horses “bounced back” quickly from competing on these hot days. One FEI rider noted, “within one hour of getting Star-Lixir, my horses looked and acted like they were ready to go back into the ring again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do sea mineral salts do?

Specific minerals salts from the sea replace the same minerals lost in horses’ sweat. These mineral salts are also responsible for functions including skeletal, soft tissues, neuromuscular transmissions, blood clotting, oxygen transport, and enzymatic activity.

Can I just use table salt?

Most table salts are sourced from the earth, not the sea. Table salts are heavily processed, heated, and bleached. Most table salt only provides sodium chloride, while the other macro and micro minerals are removed during processing. Table salt does not provide the full complement of minerals as does sea salt.

What about mineral salt blocks/salt licks?

Mineral salt blocks (also known as salt licks) are processed similarly to table salt: manufactured, processed, heat pressed. The white salt blocks contain sodium chloride but not other minerals, which are removed during processing. Trace mineral blocks provide sodium chloride and other minerals like iron, zinc and copper, but not other electrolyte components, and they may contain unnecessary fillers, sweeteners, and artificial flavors.

What about natural rock salt lick blocks?

These salt blocks such as Himalayan rock salt blocks are unrefined, mined from old sea beds in the Himalayans and provide a variety of minerals. American rock salt blocks like Redmond salts are also unrefined and provide a variety of minerals.

Salt licks are great as supplemental sources of salt in stalls and pastures, but not for recovery when you need precise, measured amounts of minerals.

Is the barley grass in Star-Lixir the same as barley the grain?

Barley grasses are the greens from the young barley plants that haven’t started making seeds (grains). Barley in Ayurvedic medicine is considered tridoshic: balancing to all doshas.

Do I need to add an electrolyte supplement if I give Star-Lixir recovery supplement every day?

No, you do not need an additional electrolyte supplement if you feed Star-Lixir daily.

Can I feed Star-Lixir in the winter?

Yes! We found that feeding Alixir paste in the winter helped increase horses’ water consumption.

Will Star-Lixir help non-sweaters?

We have never specifically tested Alixir for non-sweaters. However, we have had customers with non-sweaters tell us that combined with other therapies such as beer, One-AC, or Colostrum, that their horses started sweating.

Can I give Star-Lixir only on the days my horse needs it?

Yes. Star-Lixir can be used as needed or every day.

Is Star-Lixir show-safe?

Yes, it is show-safe for FEI and USEF.

We are so excited to bring Star-Lixir EQ cooling and recovery supplement powder to your horses. Its ability to balance body fluids, support cooling, provide bioavailable minerals, support muscle glycogen, supply important antioxidants and enzymes, target cellular health, and give adaptogenic support makes it a unique and important supplement for horses.


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