Star Lyte EQ and Rebound EQ, revised formulas

Formulator’s Corner: Making Changes to Star Lyte EQ and Rebound EQ

This month we are excited to release updated versions of our Star Lyte EQ and Rebound EQ supplements for horses. In assessing these two formulas I asked myself: how can I make these formulas better?

With Star Lyte I wanted a broader spectrum of electrolyte minerals and trace minerals. As we all know, trace minerals are severely lacking in our soils.

To the Celtic sea salt already in Star Lyte, I added Himalayan salt, which has a different balance of trace minerals from celtic sea salt and is considered the purest salt on earth. I discovered Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt that is harvested from the Pacific ocean waters, and blended with carbon in the form of charcoal from coconut shells. Charcoal has a long history of use for its ability to absorb toxins in the GI tract of horses, dogs, and humans.

To this blend of sea and earth salts we added Alaria, also known as Wild Atlantic Wakame. Similar to Japanese wakame, it is a good source of beta -carotene, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorophyll, enzymes, copper and chromium and the B-vitamins.

Alaria esculenta in Star Lyte EQ

Alaria esculenta – sea vegetable

Organic mango powder is still an important ingredient in Star Lyte because it is rich in three particular acids: tartaric, malic, and citric acid, which can help to maintain the alkali reserves of the body.

The big change in Rebound is the inclusion of Biostar’s new Bio-4tein™ protein complex that wedeveloped. This unique protein blend combines un-denatured whey protein, organic hemp protein, dehydrated whole eggs, and organic yellow beans. The synergy of these different foods provides a full spectrum of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for muscle building, muscle maintenance, and reducing muscle breakdown. This blend is important because each different food provides other benefits beyond the BCAA’s: whey protein is digested rapidly, driving the amino acids via the blood stream straight to the muscles; while hemp protein is digested slowly, delivering the BCAA’s more gradually to the muscles.*

Whole dehydrated eggs provide high amounts of both Lysine and Leucine (for HMB production that reduces muscle breakdown). Whole dehydrated eggs are an excellent source of Arginine, the amino acid that stimulates Nitric Oxide production, helping to increase blood flow to the muscles, and deliver more oxygen. It is important to note that our dehydrated whole eggs have been pasteurized to make biotin available to the body and to prevent salmonella.*

Organic yellow beans are lower in carbohydrates than soybeans or peas. They are high in insoluble fiber, which is broken down into short chain fatty acids that help stimulate salt and fluid absorption in the colon, and can help with mucosal healing which is of particular benefit for horses with hind gut acidosis and colonic ulcers.

Rebound still provides Bio Flora, and Colostrum, as well as Smectite clay to bind toxins. New to Rebound is Hawthorne Berry Powder which aids in circulation by dilating blood vessels and can help prevent inflammatory histamines, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes.*

Hawthorne berries in Rebound EQ

Hawthorne Berry

Another new addition to Rebound is the sea vegetable Alaria, which is rich is the minerals: calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, and Zinc, as well as vitamins A, B12, E, and K.

It is exciting to make these new changes to formulas that are loved and used by so many customers and their horses. To bring these formulas to the forefront of whole food nutrition means the best possible results for our horses.

Star Lyte EQ and Rebound EQ, revised formulas

The labels got a make-over too!

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