Hedwig success with Trinity K9

Success Story: Hedwig’s Movement Improves with Trinity K9

Courtesy of Team BioStar sponsored rider Allison Kavey, BioStar welcomes canine radio star Hedwig the Feisty Pomeranian! Hedwig is here to share her experience with BioStar’s general wellness supplement Trinity K9:


For those who might not be familiar with me, I am the Pomeranian from Healthy Critters Radio who keeps Tigger, Jennifer, and Pati on their toes and answers their mind-bending questions. I developed a sad limp and then became non-weight bearing on my beautiful and previously perfect left front leg. My vet–a normally competent if slightly tedious individual–was left with no further tools when I failed to respond to anti-inflammatory and arthritis medication. Thank goodness my human servant had the excellent sense to speak with Tigger and put me on my brother’s Trinity K9. Within 3 doses, my lameness was significantly improved, and I am now largely returned to my traditional perfect form. Thank you, BioStar! – Hedwig


Wellness Supplement Trinity K9 Improves Movement in Dogs | BioStarUS

Hedwig gives Trinity K9 five stars!

Trinity K9 | BioStar US

Trinity K9™ is a wellness supplement formula for dogs that supports the various biological systems necessary for homeostasis and well-being; providing a complex of ingredients that supports immune function, digestion, metabolism, movement, and mood.

With USA-grown organic hemp biomass (THC-free), green-lipped mussels, astaxanthin and chlorella for whole body synergistic health.

Trinity is formulated to give your dog the mind and body synergy for wellness.

Learn more about Trinity K9 on our blog.


Allison Kavey | BioStar USTeam BioStar sponsored rider Allison Kavey started riding at the age of four in LaFayette, NY after her mother said she could have lessons if she washed her face without complaining for a year. With Andrea Woodner’s Lusitano stallion QueBa HM, Allison has competed through the Grand Prix, earning reserve champion for region 8 in the Grand Prix Freestyle and 9th in the USDF Dressage Finals in 2016. They also finished 9th in the Grand Prix Freestyle at GDF CDI*** in March, 2016. They were 2nd in the medium tour at Dressage at Devon in 2015. With Gabrielle Heertje’s Hanoverian mare Amidala, Allison was high score athlete for the medium tour at CDI Saugerties in 2016 and qualified for region 8 championships in the I2. After a strong first competition season at 3rd and 4th level, Andrea Woodner’s Cacharel moved up to the PSG and won a large stakes class at Mystic Valley Hunt Club.

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