Leo success story

Success Story: Leo and Thera Calm

“Leo was on stall rest, and since he’s usually a very active horse, he became wild after a month or so. We sent him to Premier Equine (an equine rehabilitation center in Oakdale, CA) so that he could go on the aquatred to help with his energy. I was still worried when he came back to the barn that he would be too energetic, as he still could not go back to full work right away.

I give Leo BioStar supplements, so I called Tigger for advice.  She suggested trying Thera Calm EQ.  I started him on it a couple of weeks before returning to the barn and it really seemed to help him “think” about what he was doing and not be so excitable.

At his first show back at Woodside, he was ridden by Jacqi Maida. Jacqi and Da Vinci Code (Leo) won the Ariat Medal, Legis League Amateur Medal, Ch. AA Hunters and Res Ch Adult Eq 18-35.

Thank you Tigger for all of your wonderful products and the whole food regimen you suggest. Leo looks fabulous!”

~ Lani Ellis

TheraCalm EQ with sample


Thera Calm EQ™ is designed to support a healthy GI tract and help horses focus and relax. This formula provides Haritaki, Ashwaganda, and Casein to help normalize cortisol levels brought on by stress.



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