Katrina Oosting and Poldi 2018

Success Story: Poldi and the Whole Food Diet

By Katrina Oosting

Poldi is a Bayerisches (Bavarian) Warmblood who I imported from Spain as a 6 year old stallion. He was later gelded and has been an athletic, intelligent, and hardworking partner as long as I have known him.

About 8 or 9 years ago my trainer recommended that I contact Tigger after he was diagnosed as Insulin Resistant. We were competing at Intermediare II in dressage and I was worried as I had seen a friend go through a tough experience with an IR horse.

Tigger tasked me with a new diet for Poldi:

  • Alfalfa/timothy cubes
  • Celery
  • A rotation of cabbage and kale
  • Optimum EQ
  • CoolStance
  • Chia Seeds
  • Hemp Oil
  • Speedi Beet – beet pulp 1x per week.

*no carrots, apples, no sugar, no grain, no soy, and no oats!*

It took about a year for him to come back to himself but he has been healthy ever since I started this new diet. He no longer tests positive for IR or Cushings.

Three weeks ago we competed in our Intermediare II, Centennial ride; Poldi a healthy 21 and myself 80 years young.

He continues to be eager to work and his favorite movements are piaffe and passage.

I really think Tigger saved my horse and I cannot thank her enough for her help.

Thank you for my horse!

~Katrina Oosting

Katrina Oosting and Poldi | BioStar US

Katrina Oosting and Poldi

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