dog days of summer with grace

The Dog Days of Summer

Need some ideas for what to do during the Dog Days of Summer?   Grace has a week’s worth of tips for staying cool while spending quality time with your dog.  The term “Dog Days of Summer” was originally coined by the ancient Greeks.  It refers to the hottest part of the summer, when Orion’s dog, specifically the star Sirius (the “Dog Star”), rises in the sky.  We like to think of it as the time of year that is so hot, even dogs do nothing but lie down and pant.


Monday: Nothing beats hunting for seashells, especially if there are decaying sea creatures here and there.  Delicious!  Don’t forget to bring some fresh drinking water, because ocean water is toooo salty for either of us!

Dog Days of Summer Beach Monday

Tuesday:  Practicing your putting skills is a great way to get a little mild exercise.  Don’t overdo it; sniffing the balls and following them into the hole is plenty.

dog days of summer practicing putting

Wednesday:  Enjoy time with family.  Good conversation can help the hottest part of the day fly by.  I particularly enjoy the part when we talk about food.

dog days of summer family time grace

Thursday:   A good game of Scrabble is not only fun when it’s too hot to be outdoors, but it keeps your brain active.  Your dog may even crush the competition!

dog days of summer grace scrabble

Friday:  Find your best loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt and watch the world go by from the porch.  One of the best pastimes, all year round, for humans as well as canines!

dog days of summer: Grace on the porch

Saturday:  After dinner nap, anyone?  Don’t mind if I do…

dog days of summer Grace after dinner nap

Sunday:  Grab a cool shower.  It can really hit the spot, by refreshing and cleansing after a long hot day!

dog days of summer cool shower

 – Photos by Rick Moore.


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