Travels with Dogs

Travels with Dogs

On a recent roadtrip, Lizzy sent us notes on what helped her dog Bravo travel like a champ!


New water, new routines, new dogs to meet, and new environments are all stressors that affect the whole dog, especially the GI tract. Protect your dog’s gut health ahead of time! Encourage microbiome resilience with Hedgerow Boulardii K9.

Hedgerow K9 Boulardii | BioStar US

Hotels are full of “things that go bump in the night.”  A white noise machine and pillows to block the crack under the door can save sleep for you and your canine companion. YouTube has white noise options. Bonus points go to those who acclimate the dog to the noise machine and associate calmness with that sound ahead of time.


Tennessee park

SniffSpot is an app that locates privately owned areas for dog walks or off-leash time. Decompression walks are a must for dogs on the road. Even a 20 foot long line can provide plenty of room for exploration if your dog cannot be off leash in certain areas.

If your dog is secure with crating, when your dog is in a new place, leave for shorter amounts of time than you normally would at home. Ideally, you would build confidence in the new place and come back before they are stressed.

– photo credits: Lizzy Meyer
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