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Warhorse and Solio: Real Soap, by Real People, for Real People

When an opportunity arose for Warhorse to join forces with Solio Family Farmers (aka Farm Batched by Solio) through AgStrong , the decision just made sense. The connection goes beyond mutual business benefits on paper. There’s something more profound at work here. It’s about the people behind those products.

AgStrong provides the framework for families to succeed with a team of agricultural engineers dedicated to equipping farmers with the tools to minimize risk, add value, and realize the goal of sustainable agriculture. AgStrong’s objective is simple: to put agency back into the hands (and profit back into the pockets) of local family farmers.

Ag Strong CEO Robert Davis and WARHORSE

AgStrong CEO Robert Davis with Tawana, Warhorse founder

Solio, an AgStrong brand, is a fierce swimmer in an ocean of increasingly industrialized farming where family farmers often struggle to keep their heads above water.  Solio’s mission is to serve existing family farmers as well as to help new family farms go into production. Solio oils are produced exclusively by local farmers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Alabama. Solio oils have no chemical additives, and are extracted from 100% non-GMO seeds using an expeller press process rather than a chemical process. You can now find authentic, high-quality oils on the shelves of conscious retailers such as Whole Foods and Earthfare… and even in your soap.

A brand like Solio deserves a strong partner with the same principles. Enter Warhorse Solutions: a company that grew up in rural North Carolina, surrounded and inspired by family farmers. Warhorse knows hard work. It knows about sweating, gritting of teeth, and pushing exhaustion aside to strive for excellence. Just as importantly, Warhorse knows that nothing worthwhile can be achieved without collaboration. The oils in Warhorse soaps that nourish your skin were once seeds nourished by the hands of an American farmer.

When you catch a glimpse of your favorite Warhorse product on the edge of your kitchen sink, bathtub, or truck bumper, you should remember that the Farm-Batched symbol on the label is more than just a logo. It’s a badge of honor.  In supporting Warhorse, together with Solio and AgStrong, you’re doing your part in reversing the decline of family farming. You’re empowering a family to put food on the table the old-fashioned way: with hard work and a refusal to give up in the face of adversity.

It’s principles like these that fuel the Warhorse to create real soap, for real people, by real people.

Sink with Warhorse and SolioSolio Family Logo







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