Buckaroo's Cooling Stew from BioStar US

What’s So Cool About Cooling Stew?

Ah summertime. A time for the buzz of cicadas echoing through the woods, the tails of lightning bugs flickering in newly green meadows, and dapples emerging on the sleek coats of horses. Remy in the pond

It’s also the season of panting — driving down the road with Remy panting on the back of my neck (and drooling on my center console), walking to the river with Remy panting on my heels, and waking up during the night because Remy’s panting is shaking the bed.

Remy and Buckaroo's Cooling Stew

If I’ve learned anything from Biostar, it’s that turning to real food is the best way to support and balance my dog from the inside out. Buckaroo’s Cooling Stew contains ingredients chosen specifically for either their cooling or neutral properties according to Ayurvedic tradition. It’s the perfect complement to the diet of dogs spending time in the heat, engaging in athletic pursuits, or experiencing GI tract upset.

Buckaroo's Cooling StewThere’s no time for leisurely meal prep at our house during the summer, so the convenience factor of Buckaroo’s Cooling Stew has truly revolutionized my feeding process. With the first heat wave of the season, mornings and evenings have quickly become the busiest times of my day as I try to squeeze barn chores, riding, and dog walks in during those precious cooler hours. The stew saves me the time of compiling and preparing these thoughtfully-selected foods on my own. All it takes is a quick soak in some water or bone broth while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning to rehydrate a scoop of the stew. It’s an easy addition to any type of diet, whether you feed raw, home-cooked, canned, or kibble!

Buckaroo's Stew CoolingThe stew is more than just a summertime snack or fun flavor profile to liven up mealtime. It also adds much needed diversity to a diet, an important part of enabling good bacteria to flourish in the gut’s microbiome. Thanks to ingredients like chia, peas, broccoli, mangoes, and more, Buckaroo’s Cooling Stew is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and anti-inflammatory Omegas- on top of the Ayurvedic and prebiotic benefits!

Buckaroo’s Stew streamlines my preparation efforts while enhancing Remy’s meal, packing a nutrient-dense superfood punch in a convenient dehydrated form. With some cooling stew under his belt, Remy is more than ready to take on the dog days of summer!Remy in shades