Wookie on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Wookie: On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Wookie has her photo on the BioStar product Trinity K9 ™. She’s feeling very important and empowered, so I decided to interview her.

Me: Your picture is now officially on Biostar’s new product, Trinity K9.

Wookie: Yes! In Canine Land that’s like being on the cover of the Rolling Stone. (She howls a few lines of Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show song: “…is the thrill that’ll gitcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone…”)

Wookie on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Me: You do realize that Trinity K9 is an important supplement for dogs, don’t you?

Wookie: I am now a kind of canine rock star, I should be getting groupies and extra treats. I am going to hang out with Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, go on the talk show circuit and get driven around in a stretch limo.

Me: You get driven around in a Subaru, Wookie.

Wookie: I want to attend red carpet events and meet my hero, Chewbacca.

Me: Sorry to tell you this, but you are not going to go to red carpet events or get to meet Chewbacca. On the bright side, your face on the Trinity K9 label highlights the importance of overall health that Trinity provides to dogs.


Me: Please pay attention.

Wookie: Make sure this interview we are doing goes out to my fan club.

Me: What fan club?

Wookie: The fan club you are going to start for me on Facebook, Instagram and a Youtube channel. I am going to autograph my picture that you will send to all my fans, and they are going to send me toys and treats. It’s the least you can do for me, after all, I am not getting a licensing deal from you on the use of my personage on your product.

Me: Now where did you learn about licensing deals?

Wookie: From Shark Tank, of course.

Me: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans about BioStar’s Trinity K9?

Wookie: It tastes really good and it has BCD, which is good for all dogs and even helps dogs like Kemosabe who have diphtheria.

Me: That would be CBD and it helps comfort dogs like Kemosabe who
have dysplasia.

Wookie: That’s what I said. I want my fans to know that I like all treats, except for those frozen green beans that my human tries to pawn off as treats, and I like stuffed toys that I can tear the stuffing out of. I will be setting up my own email account so you can contact me directly.

Me: Thank you, Wookie, and may the treats be with you.

Trinity K9: CBD Formula for Dogs | BioStar USTrinity K9™ is BioStar’s canine formula with hemp biomass, turmeric, green-lipped mussel, and astaxanthin, created to provide mind and body synergy for homeostasis and wellness.

Disclaimer: Rolling Stone Magazine is not affliiated with BioStar and has not endorsed this product. 

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