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Welcome to the BioStar Blog!

Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and to bring them the best whole food supplements.

Our blog articles are our personal experiences and opinions, as well as scientific research and nutritional studies.  These articles are our own, based on our own thoughts and research, and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.


HCR 24 Crockett Australian Shepherd

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 24

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 24 is now available on the Horse Radio Network. This episode includes: ...

What Do You Mean I Have to Go on a Diet?

by Kemosabe... I went to the vet last week because Crockett stubbed his toe and the ...
science of supplements

What Science Says About Supplements

Recently, a report on calcium supplements was made public. This is not the first time researchers ...
Healthy Critters Episode 23 German Pinscher

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 23

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 23 is now available, thanks to the Horse Radio Network. This episode ...
Finn - Lizzy Meyer success story

Success Story: Lizzy’s Finn

by Lizzy Meyer, Veterinary Technician and Holistic Animal Care Educator Vets believed that Finn, my seven-year-old ...
waterkeeper alliance

Giving Back: Waterkeeper Alliance

For the Fall of 2016, BioStar has pledged a portion of our proceeds to help support ...
Water and hydration

Water Quality Makes a Difference: Introducing the Horse Hydrator

Water has been on my radar for some time now, long before water disasters like Flint, ...
Healthy Critters Radio Episode 22

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 22

Listen in to Healthy Critters Radio Episode 22, thanks to the Horse Radio Network. This episode ...

Down the rabbit hole: The rise of Western medicine in the US

It was while I was reading The History, Treatment, and Diseases of the Horse (1880 edition) ...

Stealing BioStar: Kemosabe confesses

Well, she caught me in the act. I had cleverly removed the lid from the Optimum ...
Healthy Critters Radio Ep. 21

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 21

Listen in to Healthy Critters Radio Episode 21 , thanks to the Horse Radio Network. This ...

Ayurveda: The Oldest Medicine on Earth

­My first exposure to Ayurveda was in 1984 at The Natural Products Expo in Atlanta. I ...
Healthy Critters Radio Ep 20 Horses in the 1800s

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 20

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 20 is now available, thanks to the Horse Radio Network. This episode ...

Astaxanthin: the super antioxidant

Astaxanthin (pronounced Asta-ZAN-thin) is a powerful antioxidant you’ve probably never heard of. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, ...
Warhorse Real Soap

Warhorse: Real Soap, for Real People, by Real People

When an opportunity arose for Warhorse to join forces with Solio Family Farmers (aka Farm Batched ...
Healthy Critters Radio Maine Coon cat

Healthy Critters Radio: Episode 19

Healthy Critters Radio on the Horse Radio Network presents Episode 19, which includes: • Lizzy Meyer ...
How to start with whole food

Getting Started With Whole Food

It can seem daunting to disconnect ourselves from commercial horse feeds and plunge into the world ...
Feeding Horses in the 1800s - BioStar US

Feeding horses in the 1800s

I came across an interesting book called The History, Treatment, and Diseases of the Horse written ...

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