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Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and bring them the best whole food supplements.

Here you’ll find many of our own personal experiences and opinions, and we’ve taken care to ensure that the more technical information we present is backed by published nutritional studies and scientific research. Please remember, though, that the blog articles themselves are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.

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BioStar's Happy Horse Award

BioStar’s Happy Horse Award

Recently there’s been plenty of controversy in the dressage community over horse welfare, particularly as it pertains to the horse’s health in competition: extremely tight nosebands, blood in the mouth, open mouth,
Katie Robicheaux and Laney Success with BioStar

Laney’s Success Story

BioStar hears from 2023 Regional Fourth Level Dressage Champion Katie Robicheaux, who offers her tale of dietary challenge and triumph ...
must-haves in your tack trunk | BioStar US

Must-haves in your tack trunk

When I was competing, my show trunk held the usual necessities: extra saddle pads, a spare halter, extra girth, assorted ...
Integral K9 for dogs | BioStar US

Collagen for Canine Gut Health: Integral K9

The most common health challenges dog owners tell us about are the GI tract issues in their dogs. These issues ...
BioStar Employee Testimonials | We Don't Just Work Here

We Don’t Just Work Here

Working at BioStar means getting an up-close look at everything that goes into our unique whole-food equine and canine supplements ...
Daily Neuromuscular Support with Neuro-Plex EQ Powder | BioStar US

Daily Neuromuscular Support with Neuro-Plex EQ Powder

Neuromuscular support is essential for an increasing number of horses. Ever since BioStar introduced Neuro-Plex EQ paste syringes for as-needed ...
Eggshell membrane collagen | BioStar US

Eggshell Membrane Collagen for Horses and Neuro-Plex EQ Powder

Collagen is a popular protein ingredient in supplements for humans, dogs, and horses. A few years ago, I got on ...
Selenium yeast vs Selenium selenate with horses | BioStar US

Selenium Yeast vs Sodium Selenite

Selenium is an important mineral for horses. This trace element plays a critical role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA ...
Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic Success | BioStar US

Success: Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic!

“Orange is a very tall (17.3+) 8-year-old GOV gelding who is competing at 4th level and schooling the I1. He ...
dog food

Definitions for “Natural” Foods, Potency, and Dosage

I have a confession: I can be swayed by a product marketing campaign as easily as anyone. Words such as ...
Puppy Chronicles: Surviving the Velociraptor | BioStar US

The Puppy Chronicles: House Training, Toys, and Surviving the Velociraptor

God grant me the serenity to accept that I buy my puppy too many toys, courage to buy fewer toys, ...
Lizzy's Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

Lizzy’s Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

The food, treats and puppy toys that I give my dogs get an equal amount of research regarding sourcing, quality ...
Tess Strumwasser Success with Neuro-Plex and Chi Tonic | BioStar US

Success with Neuro-Plex and Chi Tonic!

Tess Strumwasser of Massachusetts-based Equipoise Dressage sends us this report of her success with an EPM-relapsing gelding named EL Maverick ...