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Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and bring them the best whole food supplements.

Here you’ll find many of our own personal experiences and opinions, and we’ve taken care to ensure that the more technical information we present is backed by published nutritional studies and scientific research. Please remember, though, that the blog articles themselves are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.

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How do you develop a partnership with a new horse?

How Do You Develop a Partnership With a New Horse?

We recently talked with some of our BioStar riders of multiple disciplines to hear how they approach bringing a new ...
Cayden Hill of Millar Brooke Farm | BioStar US

Caring for Performance Horses with Cayden Hill

We recently sat down with Cayden Hill of the Millar Brooke South team to talk horse management, philosophy and what ...
Tim Delovich at Ashmeadow Farm | BioStar US

Tim Delovich Provides Top Care for Champion Derby Horses 

We recently sat down to talk with Tim Delovich, barn manager and caretaker at Ashmeadow Farm, to hear about the ...
Recovery and Comfort for Horses

Recovery and Comfort for Horses: An East-Meets-West Approach

Horses are incredible athletes. Just like humans, however, their muscles can become sore and stiff after a training session or ...

Tips for Getting Back on the Horse After a Riding Injury

We recently sat down with three high-performance BioStar sponsored riders to hear how they handle nerves when getting back in ...

Choosing the Right Calming Supplement for Your Horse

The search for the best calming supplements for horses can be overwhelming… there are so many options to choose from! ...
Assessing quality ingredients and extracts | BioStar

Determining Ingredient Quality

It’s very difficult to ascertain ingredient quality by reading a label. This is due, in part, to labeling laws which ...
Caroline Willard and Zen Max | BioStar US

Caroline Willard Tests Zen-Max

Caroline Willard is a Professional Hunter Rider and Trainer who was lucky to be beta-tester of our newest calming supplement, ...
Sallie Spenard for BioStar

Sallie Spenard: from Ponies to Grand Prix

Sallie Spenard is a Clifton, Virginia based Grand Prix rider and trainer, who got her start sulky racing and participating ...
Lucy Pingree and Aller-X EQ for BioStar

Ella and her Allergies: an Interview with Lucy Pingree

After dressage rider Lucy Pingree tested our newest supplement Aller-X EQ with her horse Ella, we interviewed her about her ...
Things you can learn from Puppies by BioStar US

Five Things You Can Learn from Puppies

NOTES FROM PUPPY-PALOOZA LAND! Currently I have a litter of 6 Australian Shepherd puppies that are 7 weeks old. This ...
Allergies on the Rise in Horses | BioStar

Allergies in Horses on the Rise

It seems that new allergies are popping up every day. Human allergies are quite common and we are learning more ...