Katrin Derreumaux's success with BioStar Neuro-Plex EQ

Katrin Derreumaux and Success with Neuro-Plex EQ

Katrin Derreumaux talks about the improvements in hind-end strength and balance she’s seeing after giving BioStar’s Neuro-Plex EQ:

“I have been rehabbing a teenager FEI gelding with a former front end injury. Like with any lameness, one always has to ask what the underlying postural issues are that could be causing injury and lameness to begin with.

As this horse began coming back to work, quite often his hind end would give out – like a slipping stifle, but not really. It felt like he just didn’t know where his legs were. Over the summer, with more fitness and turnout one would have thought this would improve, but it did not.

Katrin Derreumauxsuccess with Neuro-Plex EQ

Before Neuro-Plex EQ, 16 months ago. He was lame at the time, but he is currently sound.

Tigger and I chatted and she suggested I try Neuro-Plex EQ paste, which I did over a course of a month, and there was some improvement. Then when the powder came out he switched to that.

Within two months, his hind end stopped giving out. But his front end issues were still not fully resolved, so it was decided to go for a bone scan to try to find the areas of concern. Guess what we found? Some uptake at the hocks, which is understandable in a teenage FEI horse that huge, but nothing in the SI, lumbar or spine.

Katrin Derreumauxsuccess with Neuro-Plex EQ

After Neuro-Plex EQ

Between the scan and the changes I have seen since going on Neuro-Plex EQ, I can confidently say it is a product I will recommend in cases where horses are struggling in the hind end, with strength, balance, posture and proprioception.”

~ Katrin Derreumaux

Katrin Derreumaux success with Neuro-Plex EQ


Neuro-Plex EQ powder and paste | BioStar USNeuro-Plex EQ supports a healthy brain-to-muscle neurovascular system. With ingredients from Eastern medicine and Western science, it is recommended to support horses with common neuromuscular challenges. The paste is a convenient syringe with the benefits of pre- and probiotics. The powder is a daily supplement that features native collagen to support the extracellular matrix (ECM).


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