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Welcome to the BioStar Blog!

Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and to bring them the best whole food supplements.

Our blog articles are our personal experiences and opinions, as well as scientific research and nutritional studies.  These articles are our own, based on our own thoughts and research, and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.


Horse manure the poop on poop

What’s the Poop?

Horse people are unique in many ways, and among all our various and interesting quirks is ...
Ali Perkins Team BioStar Rider

Team BioStar Welcomes Ali Perkins

Welcome to Ali Perkins, our newest member of the Team BioStar riders! Ali Perkins grew up ...
Shannon Peters on Healthy Critters Radio

Healthy Critters Radio: Shannon Peters Explains Bemer, Protein and Topline, Cooling Foods for Horses

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 40 is now available via the Horse Radio Network! This episode includes: ...
Cool Star EQ BioStar US photo

Turning Down the Heat: Cooling Foods and Cool Star EQ

It’s summertime, and keeping horses cool requires stall fans, electrolytes, mineral salt blocks, and lots of ...
Buckaroo's Cooling Stew from BioStar US

What’s So Cool About Cooling Stew?

Ah summertime. A time for the buzz of cicadas echoing through the woods, the tails of ...
Straight from the Horse's Mouth - BioStar US

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: What Does Your Horse Love about BioStar?

Announcing BioStar’s Equine Contest - "From the Horse's Mouth"! We want to know why you and ...
Healthy Critters Radio 39 Beagle

Healthy Critters Radio: Going Green at Home and Barn, Beagles, Poultices, & Alternate Professions

Tune in! Episode 39 of Healthy Critters is now available thanks to the Horse Radio Network! ...
Poultices by BioStar US

The Healing Art of the Poultice

The poultice has been used for healing over thousands of years; in fact, we can consider ...
Abby - BioStar US Success with Colostrum

Success Story: Abby

 - by Susan Conner My one-year-old beagle, Abby was diagnosed in January with Beagle Pain Syndrome, ...
Healthy Critters Radio Episode 38

Healthy Critters Radio: Whole Foods at Lindstedt Stables, Timothy vs. Alfalfa, Muscle Building and Breakdown

Tune in to Episode 38 of Healthy Critters, now available on the Horse Radio Network, this ...
Muscle Building and Breakdown Locomotion EQ

Muscle Building, Muscle Breakdown: Understanding the Cycle

Horse people appreciate the equine athlete who is well-muscled, fit, and strong for his activity, whether ...
Remy What Would Your Dog Do for BioStar K9

What Would Your Dog Do for BioStar K9?

Announcing BioStar's new contest! How much does your dog love their BioStar K9 products? Show us! Send ...
Healthy Critters Radio Westies

Healthy Critters Radio: Whole Food Transition, Ulcer Sensitivity, Hedwig’s Here To Help, and Westies

Episode 37 of Healthy Critters, is now available on the Horse Radio Network, this episode includes: ...
Gastric Sensitive Horses | BioStar US

Managing Gastric Ulcer-Sensitive Horses

It can be challenging to manage a horse that tends to act ulcery  for days, weeks ...
BioStar US - Jen Fritz and DFF Gromit for Circuvate EQ

Success Story: DFF Gromit and Circuvate EQ

by Jen Fritz When my upper level event horse was diagnosed with arthritis in his knees, ...
Healthy Critters Radio Episode 36 Designer Dogs

Healthy Critters Radio: How Feeds Get Contaminated, Magnesium, Unlikely Designer Dogs

Healthy Critters Radio, Episode 36, is now available on the Horse Radio Network, this episode includes: ...
Bolero success story with BioStar comparison of before and after

Success Story: Bolero

"I switched to Biostar due to my horse being diagnosed with Laminitis in May, 2016. He ...
How Contaminated Feed and Supplements Happen

Contaminated Feed and Supplements

Recently, the dressage community was shocked to learn that two well-known rider/trainers were suspended by the ...

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