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Welcome to the BioStar Blog!

Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and to bring them the best whole food supplements.

Our blog articles are our personal experiences and opinions, as well as scientific research and nutritional studies.  These articles are our own, based on our own thoughts and research, and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.


Raw and Natural Dog Summit 2017

BioStar Takes Chicago

~ by Emily Halaszynski Last weekend, I traveled to Chicago to represent Biostar at a great ...
Herbicides and Hay by BioStar US

Herbicides and Hay

There has been a troublesome trend over the last few years:  more and more horse owners ...
Healthy Critters Radio 49 giant rabbits, hard keepers, turmeric

Healthy Critters Radio: Turmeric with Herb Lewis, Feeding Hard Keepers, the Flemish Giant Rabbit, Innovations

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 49 features Herb Lewis, retired vice president of New Chapter Supplements, explaining turmeric ...
Feeding the Hard Keeper

Feeding the Hard Keeper

As the grass dies off in the late fall, it can become more challenging to maintain ...
Leo success story

Success Story: Leo and Thera Calm

"Leo was on stall rest, and since he's usually a very active horse, he became wild ...
Healthy Critters Radio Episode 48

Healthy Critters Radio: Hoofitz Footwear, Liver Health, Dog Describes Human, Whole Foods Benefits

Episode 48 is here, featuring Eileen Kenney, creator of Hoofitz footwear, Tigger discusses the differences a whole ...
Autumn, the season for liver support - BioStar US

Autumn: Seasonal Support for the Liver

In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, autumn is known as a cleansing time for the ...
Kemosabe Living with Vegetarians - BioStar US

Living With Vegetarians

~ by Kemosabe The humans I live with are vegetarians.  This means there are no meaningful ...
Buff Orpington Chicken on Healthy Critters Radio

Healthy Critters Radio: Runtamuffin Tale with Melissa Taylor Plus the Buff Orpington Chicken and Bone Remodeling

Healthy Critters Radio, episode 47 is here, thanks to The Horse Radio Network!  This episode includes: ...
BioStar Gives Back to the Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico

BioStar Gives Back: Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico

For the Fall of 2017, BioStar has pledged a portion of proceeds from the sale of Thera ...
Seeds for Kindness is an upcoming project by BioStar US to promote kindness and support Mother Earth

Seeds for Kindness

Several years ago I read a book called The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach, which ...
Bone Remodeling in Horses by BioStar US

Bone Remodeling in Horses

Bone remodeling is an ongoing process in horses, and in all mammals larger than rats.  This ...
HCR Puppies

Healthy Critters Radio: Puppy Training with Karen Quinlin Plus Puppy Nutrition and Puppy Do’s and Don’ts

Episode 46 is all about PUPPIES on Healthy Critters Radio!  This episode includes: Expert Corner: Karen ...
Patience is a Virtue - by BioStar US

Patience Is a Virtue

Oftentimes I’m called in for a consultation on a difficult case, such as a horse with ...
The Puppy Cometh by BioStar US

The Puppy Cometh

By Kemosabe ~ Well, my human did it again and brought another puppy into the pack.  ...
HCR-45 Labrador Retriever

Healthy Critters Radio: Hurricanes Before, During and After, Labrador Retriever, Quantum and Impulsion

Episode 45 of Healthy Critters Radio is now available via the Horse Radio Network! This episode ...
Gold Star K9 - Camelina Oil for dogs by BioStar US

Camelina Oil: Not Just for Horses Anymore

by Kemosabe - It was Buckaroo who discovered the wonders of camelina oil for canines.   Like ...
BioStar's new products Quantum EQ and Impulsion EQ

New From BioStar: Quantum & Impulsion

As you know, BioStar has never been a company that follows the pack. We stay true ...

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