Lost in the Closet

by Lazarus

Recently I found myself standing in the closet, staring into space. Odd, because dogs don’t use closets.  Disheartening, because it’s happened a few times now. As we age we all want to remain both beautiful AND smart, but while being handsome comes easily to senior dogs like me, remaining smart takes effort.

Senior dogs like me stay sharper than you think.

That’s me, Lazarus.

I’m Lazarus, a 12 year-old Plott Hound born to hunt bear and smart enough to stop after losing an eye, a piece of my nose and earning my name in a bear fight.

Thanks to the love of my rescuer I am now safe, and comfortably lounging around grooming myself. After all, looking good is important, you never know when you might run into a friend. One trick is using BioStar’s hemp oil to keep my coat shiny.  One tablespoon per day does the job with outer beauty and the Omega 3+6+9 do their thing on the inside with healthy glucose levels and anti-inflammatory support. Easy. Here it is:

BioStar's K9 Empower hemp seed oil

BioStar’s K9 Empower hemp seed oil

But let’s talk about being “smart”, as smart can mean several things. I’m shrewd, as most senior dogs are; shrewd meaning I can still get into the trash anytime I choose, I just choose to wait until something extremely worthwhile is in there and I have the most free time to enjoy it. I’m crafty, which I display by tucking the not-so-hidden medicine underneath my paw after first eating all its surrounding peanut butter. However, smart can also mean intellectually aware, and I’m not as aware as I once was.

I occasionally wander the front yard unsure where to find the stairs to get back inside. I don’t always notice the person I’m looking for is walking right behind me. I sometimes find myself standing in the closet.

There are various ways to help senior dogs have as few uncomfortable senior moments as possible. As with people, exercise is crucial. Even old hound dogs need (and enjoy) a daily walk to help improve the appetite and keep the blood flowing to the brain. We all appreciate BioStar because we understand the importance of healthy foods – we are what we eat. There are multiple BioStar K9 products offering help to different parts of the body; joint support, gastro-intestinal aid, even a multi-vitamin specifically for senior dogs.

BioStar's K9 Optimum Senior

BioStar’s K9 Optimum Senior

Aging just happens. We share our photos and notice the increase in gray hair between then and now. Other times there’s just a seemingly sudden change in behaviors or routines. But if we put forth the daily effort to include healthy foods, exercise, a comfortable nap and a good ear scratching, the aging may go more slowly.

After all, I prefer my ‘senior moments’ be spent lounging in front of the fireplace not lost in the closet.

Lazarus lives with BioStar’s Rick Moore

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