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GMOs and Labeling: For Best Results, Take ActionFor several years, BioStar has focused on getting information out about GMOs, the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup), the plight of the pollinators, and monoculture farming. In 2013, we also focused on the micro-biome and the importance of biodynamic farming for the beneficial soil bacteria (microbiota) of healthy soils resulting in healthier food, and a healthier GI tract.

BioStar has always been focused on: doing no harm to the earth, or to the animals.

Last year we went through the long and extensive process of getting GMO-Free certification through The Non-GMO Project, including on-site inspections, a rigorous analysis of raw material sourcing, and “farm to table” organic documentation. We are the first equine supplement company to receive their certification.

We also took wheat out of our formulas based on our concerns of the high levels of Amylopectin- A, a carbohydrate which sends blood sugar soaring higher than table sugar or candy bars. The rise in Amylopectin-A comes from the hybridization of wheat to produce higher yields, and reduce cost. The ancient wheat grains like Emmer, do not have high Amylopectin-A content.

An article published Dec 31, 2013 in The Ecologist (UK) highlighted the fact that two large companies in England (Jordans, a leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals and cereal bars, and Warburton’s, a well-known bread company) had tested positive by the Government’s official Pesticides Residues Monitoring Programme for glyphosate residue. A study published in Entropy (2013, 15(4), 1416-1463 highlighted that glyphosate inhibits the action of a key enzyme: cytachrome P450, which manifests over time as inflammation, damages cellular systems, and disrupts the biosynthesis of amino acids by gut bacteria.

When I read this article, I realized that BioStar was not doing enough. If we as a company are truly going to stand for healthy food, healthy soils, healthy horses and dogs, then we need to step up our game. We need to become activists and be the change in our industry.

After an extensive interview this week, BioStar was accepted by The American Sustainable Business Council, whose mission is to advance public policies that ensure a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy. Among the advocacy campaigns are: Energy, the Environment, Financial Markets, Election Integrity, Sustainable Economic Growth, and Food/Agriculture. Their campaigns include within these sectors are: labeling of GMOs, bio-dynamic farming methods, reduction of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides, a sustainable Farm Bill that includes reducing subsidies to agribusiness, and farming practices that preserve topsoil and soil integrity. The members of this Council include: Ben & Jerry’sDanskoPatagonia, Seventh GenerationStonyfield FarmOrganic Valley, and Uncommon Goods, as well as a roster of small companies like Biostar.

BioStar will be participating in monthly round-table conference calls with other company council members, and as BioStar’s representative to the Council, I will be making trips to Washington DC to meet with senators and congressmen to tell them “our” story. The story of the epidemic of metabolic horses, the epidemic of ulcers in horses, the epidemic of GI tract inflammation and the rise of allergies in horses and dogs.

But this one step is not enough.

Our new website that is under development will be an information portal, allowing our customers easy access to articles, YouTube videos, research and legislative information pertaining to GMOs and proper labeling of GMOs, glyphosate, other herbicides, the micro-biome, pollinators, restoring pasture health and vitality, sources for organic hay, organic grains, and so much more.

Other companies that are taking action:

Advanced Biological Concepts (ABC) announced on its website: “that it is morally wrong to sell glyphosate-contaminated products. The profound and consistent side-effects and symptoms can no longer be ignored. Beginning immediately all of our products will be Certified Organic, or free of GMOs, and Wheat-free.”

It is BioStar’s earnest hope that more companies like ABC will take action; if not to remove GMOs from their feeds and supplements, to at least label their products so that consumers know which ingredients are not genetically modified.

It is time to make a stand and take action for the health of the planet, and all who dwell here.


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