Locomotion EQ for equine muscle support

Do the Locomotion With Me

Locomotion EQ for equine muscle support and antioxidant supplementation

BioStar’s Locomotion EQ

BioStar’s new Locomotion is the first horse supplement to provide equine muscle support by addressing the dual biological challenges of muscle breakdown/building and free radical inflammation.

The basic mechanics of muscle protein are breakdown of protein, and synthesis of new proteins. During exercise or training, protein breakdown is higher than protein synthesis; it is at rest when dietary proteins are replenished so that the can body transition to the anabolic period of recovery: synthesis of new proteins. But horses who under chronic stress, EPM, Lymes Disease, EPSM, and/or environmental stressors experience more muscle breakdown, and less muscle synthesis.

To build muscle the body needs the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). For protein synthesis, the body makes a metabolite called HMB from one of the BCCAA’s: Leucine. Part of the reason for the reduced muscle synthesis (and the need for better equine muscle support) can be traced to inflammation: caused by the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that we call “free radicals.” The free radicals cause injury by attacking lipids, Lcarbohydrates, protein, and DNA. They are a major contributing factor to muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Now enter the antioxidants! These compounds neutralize the free radicals, thus reducing oxidative damage and inflammation. Key antioxidants in Locomotion include the fat soluble antioxidants: Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), vitamin E, and Astaxanthin. The water-soluble antioxidants include vitamin C, and Glutathione including the key minerals selenium, copper, zinc. Locomotion provides all of these antioxidants in their whole food form which makes this formula very unique.

Astaxanthin is included in the formula and is by far one of my favorite antioxidants. I have been working with this carotenoid from micro algae for over a year. This antioxidant is based on its oxygen free radical scavenging abilities that is 65 times stronger than vitamin C, 14 times stronger than vitamin E, 54 times stronger than Beta Carotene, and 18 times stronger than grape seed extract. The unique structure of Astaxanthin allows it to remain active in the body far longer than other antioxidants. It acts on five different inflammation pathways, absorbing and neutralizing multiple free radicals simultaneously.*

Locomotion also provides un-denatured whey protein from rBGH-free cows. This particular whey protein is very high in the BCAA’s, especially Leucine. One serving provides 5,000mgs of Leucine for HMB production. With this whole food source of BCAA’s we give the body what it needs to build muscle and to reduce the breakdown of muscle.*

For antioxidant and equine muscle support, Locomotion can be used simply as a whole food source of selenium and vitamin E; can be used for performance horses that experience more muscle break-down via exercise, and for the EPM, Lymes, and EPSM horses. This formula is also beneficial for the older horses, who often struggle maintaining muscle.*

Locomotion can help reduce stiffness, soreness as related to muscle inflammation and oxidative stress.* So come on, do the Locomotion with me!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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