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Chi Tonic: Revitalize, Restore, Rebalance

In Eastern medicine, the essential life force is known as qi (pronounced “chee”, also known as “Chi”) in traditional Chinese medicine, and prana in Ayurvedic medicine.


“Prana” (Sanskrit)

But a deeper dive into Eastern medicine shows that qi and prana are essentially the state of being that vibrates through all matter, connecting all that is with all that will be.

Qi or Chi

“Qi” (Chinese)

Qi and prana are essentially the same concept in different languages. Qi is the life force energy that powers all aspects of life: mental, physical, and emotional. We experience qi and prana as the life force within us, and within life around us. Qi and prana flow through horses, dogs, birds, reptiles, trees, rocks, oceans, stars, plants, earth.

Chi Tonic EQ for Horses

Chi Tonic EQ by BioStar USChi Tonic EQ is a blend of plants from Eastern medicine used for thousands of years to support qi and prana. The liquid is fast-acting and can be added to the feed or given orally by syringe.


The element of stagnation

“Stagnation” in Eastern medicine is a condition in which qi is stagnant in the body, causing imbalances, dysfunction, and disharmony. This lack of “flow” can be expressed by fatigue, diarrhea, loose stools, muscle soreness, anxiety, irritability, and tension in the body.

Qi and blood are inseparable. Blood movement through the body is powered by qi. In turn, qi is nourished by the blood.

Metabolic disease, although not caused by qi stagnation, is often accompanied by it, along with the slowing of blood circulation in the body. This can often be seen in IR horses who take a long time to warm up, and struggle with stamina.

Remedying qi stagnation

Acupuncture can be very helpful in moving the qi and releasing stagnation.

Increasing circulation with plants such as turmeric, hawthorn berry, and the adaptogens amalaki and astragalus is also recommended.

BioStar’s Chi Tonic incorporates the Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine plants Indian gooseberry and astragalus to relieve stagnation, supporting the transformational and essential qualities of health and well-being in your horse.

Chi Tonic does not make horses hot. Restoring qi and prana to healthy, normal levels does contribute to horses feeling good — balanced within themselves.

Chi Tonic provides powerful adaptogens

Chi Tonic provides adaptogens to support the balance of the circulatory, glandular and endocrine systems. This is important to maintain well-being and homeostasis.

Indian Gooseberry or AmalakiIndian gooseberry (also known as amalaki) is one of the most important adaptogens in Ayurvedic medicine. BioStar uses Capros®, a patented, purified extract. The antioxidant activity of amalaki is well researched. It has been shown to increase glutathione by 50% and increase the production of nitric oxide, a key circulatory molecule, by 54%.1, 2

Indian gooseberry is important to Chi Tonic because adaptogens help rebalance the body system. It supports qi and prana with antioxidant and circulatory actions, helping to address whole-horse well-being and recovery.3, 4

Rock RoseOrpine Rose extract is an adaptogen that helps balance the circulatory, glandular, and endocrine systems. It has a historical use for stress-related fatigue, and is considered a tonic for energy, longevity, and fighting infections.5

astralagus rootAstragalus extract is a traditional Chinese adaptogen prized for its actions as a qi tonic. It is considered a restorative tonic, helping to replenish qi if it becomes depleted. It is used in times of stress, and to support immune defenses.6, 7

Chi Tonic provides support for the gut microbiome

Chaga Mushroom | BioStar US Chi Tonic provides probiotics and gut support to aid the complex microbiome and its role in mineral and nutrient utilization, metabolism, immunomodulation, the production of short-chain fatty acids, and the integrity of the gut mucosal barrier. The formula provides several gut-supportive ingredients:

– L. reuteri has been shown to assist in blocking pathogens including E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and MRSA.
– Soil-based organisms
– Chaga mushrooms, especially supportive for qi and prana
– Reed Sedge Peat with humic and fulvic acids

The gut microbiome is considered one of the key elements contributing to regulation of health. Deviations in gut microbiota populations are linked to various imbalances including metabolic disease, obesity, intestinal bowel diseases, and a compromised immune system.8, 9, 10

Chi Tonic supports the blood, circulation, and qi

Chi Tonic provides vitamin B12 supporting red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function. It aids in the synthesis of myelin, the material coating nerve fibers. Vitamin B12 is produced by hindgut microbes, and does not exist in plants. Vitamin B12 supplementation can be very helpful for horses after antibiotic administration or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds. It can support performance training, and older horses with reduced digestive activity. It can also be helpful support for horses with EPM.

The B12 BioStar uses is bound to the probiotic strain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which provides a higher bioavailability than the common synthetic B12 known as cyanocobalamin.

Horses who may benefit from Chi Tonic

  • Horses recovering from EPM and Lyme disease
  • Horses under stress from competition
  • Horses needing more energy in hot and humid conditions
  • Metabolic horses needing life force energy support
  • Horses coming back into work from layup
  • Horses dealing with allergies and respiratory issues
  • Senior horses

Beta-testing Chi Tonic

Chi Tonic was tested during the 2022 and 2023 Winter Equestrian circuits in Wellington, Florida and Ocala, Florida. It originated as a “blood builder” — an alternative to products like Red Cell and Lixotonic.

In the first beta test in 2022, we tried it with five horses who had all tested low in RBC (red blood cell) count. When the horses were re-tested three weeks later, all five were back in the normal range. We tested Chi Tonic on five other horses with metabolic syndrome and the riders all reported improved stamina and muscle energy. Three of the riders begged us to keep sending them more Chi Tonic.

But it wasn’t until the autumn of 2022 when we tried it successfully on a horse recovering from EPM that we started to really appreciate what Chi Tonic could do.

During the 2023 Winter Equestrian circuits in Wellington and Ocala, Chi Tonic was beta tested on 15 horses. These horses ranged from eventers to show jumpers, from hunters to dressage horses. The challenges these horses faced ranged from EPM and Lyme infections to performance issues, stress, and allergies. All but two horses showed significant improvement: one within 24 hours, most others within two or three days, and two within one week. One rider reported that her horse felt better than he did when she bought him a year ago.

“I need more Chi Tonic,” came the refrain from the owners of the horses we beta tested.

Out of 26 total horses beta tested between 2022 and 2023, there was not one palatability issue.

We also discovered that Chi Tonic could be used as needed (e.g., for performance issues), or used every day for long-term issues like EPM.

What Chi Tonic does not contain

Chi Tonic EQ does not contain added iron. Typically, energy supplements and blood-building supplements supply iron — despite the fact that iron deficiency is rare in horses*, and over-supplementation is a problem that can present real danger to the animal’s health.

Many energy and blood-building supplements have ingredients that BioStar does not use. BioStar’s Chi Tonic is free of: corn syrup, added iron, sugar, glycerin, hydrolyzed beef liver, caramel color, potassium sorbate, sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, sorbitol, sodium benzoate, artificial cherry flavoring, butterscotch flavoring, FD&C red #40 dye, corn distillers’ dried grains, polysorbate 80, methylparaben, propylparaben, artificial colors, natural and artificial flavors.

Many thanks to the trainers, owners, veterinarians, sports therapists, and riders who were part of our beta testing and provided us with such excellent feedback and input.

Chi Tonic EQ by BioStar US







(6) immune defenses.






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