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Success for Vegas and BioStar!

BioStar hears from dressage expert Ali Perkins, who reports on the dramatic turnaround made by her pony Vegas — with a little help from BioStar supplements:

“In early 2022, my fourteen year-old Welsh-Trakehner pony, Vegas, began to lose topline drastically and began getting extremely sore in his back and SI (sacroiliac) joints. It was very hard for the vets to diagnose, because he was never really ‘lame’ and the symptoms were inconsistent.

Vegas Ali PerkinsWe treated him for ulcers three times, and tried multiple injections, blood tests, treatments, and other therapies with no luck. In the spring, I ended up taking him to the NC State Vet School for a bone scan. During the trip we found SI arthritis, and he also tested positive for Lyme disease.

I contacted Tigger that night and she suggested feeding BioStar’s Optimum Defense after the doxycycline antibiotic treatment, and Gold Star EQ (camelina oil) to support his stomach. After six months of Optimum Defense, I switched to Optimum JS to support his SI joints. Both supplements have contributed so much to Vegas’ recovery.

Regular acupuncture has also made a huge impact on his health. I rehabbed him under saddle and am getting ready to compete him at third level this dressage season. I also plan to add BioStar’s Circuvate EQ for the competition season.

Last month (February 2023), we scoped for the first time in a year and his stomach looked fantastic. Thank you so much to Tigger and BioStar for supporting my journey with Vegas!”

Ali Perkins

Ali Perkins and Vegas BioStar US testimonial

Thanks to Ali Perkins and Vegas for sharing the story and photos!

In 2021, Ali Perkins purchased Viva Las Vegas, a green fourteen-year-old Welsh Cob/Trakehner cross gelding who had never left the farm where he was born. Since then, Ali and Vegas have received The Dressage Foundation‘s George Williams Young Professional’s Grant, and Ali has competed Vegas at shows in Florida and North Carolina at first level with scores up to 75%. She currently operates Ali Perkins Dressage, a Burlington, N.C.-based facility for lessons and training. 


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