Kemosabe testing suit

Testing, One, Two, Three: The Canine Compression Suit

I’m going to be an Aussie guinea pig for a new product imported from Australia: a canine compression suit. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

The concept behind the compression suit is to provide enhanced blood flow and oxygen to muscles. This is important for dogs like me that have developed arthritis. After I’ve been lying down, I may get up a little slowly and stiffly, and sometimes it takes a while walking around before my body is limber again.

Sometimes after a good deer chase, or Last One in the Pond is a Rotten Egg race with the other Aussies, I overdo it and end up sore. My human wants to try this suit on me to see if increased blood flow and oxygen before activity will help reduce my soreness.

Of course I am an experienced tester. I have been the tester for every Biostar canine product, and several of the equine products –even some that I wasn’t supposed to eat, but loved them anyway. But I have never tested a suit before. Will it make me feel like SuperDog? Will it give me new, never-before-seen Aussie powers? Will I be able to outrun Rocket Crockett?

This suit is designed with panels sewn together to focus on certain muscle groups. This graduated compression technology applies greater amount of pressure at the extremities and less pressure along the limbs and the body. This re-circulates vital blood supplies back towards the heart. The fabric is breathable and allows cool air in with maximum heat transfer, while wicking moisture away from the skin.

greyhound compression suit

A Greyhound Compression Suit in action…

I’ll let you know how it’s working.

And I hope I don’t look like a dork wearing it. What would the dogs at the Wellington Dog Park say?

biostar k9 pawprint

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