After several hours of this, Comfort Zone is a very good friend.

When It’s Time for Comfort…

Whether I’m in Wellington, or on the farm here in Virginia, I like to have a good run. Those who have witnessed my Aussie buffness in person, particularly at the Wellington Dog Park, can attest to the fact that I could be a linebacker for the New England Patriots.   When I run and play, I take no prisoners.

When I run, I give it my all: it can be a deer chase, a race with another dog, or the sheer joy of running up a steep hill, crashing through the woods, leaping logs, and galloping through creeks.

All that exertion requires a period of rest: a snooze under my favorite maple tree, or on the cool wood floor in the house. And sometimes my human gives me Comfort Zone to help me recover more quickly.

My human can explain all this much better than I, but as I understand it, Comfort Zone provides two funny-sounding ingredients: turmeric and boswellia. What they do is go after bad stuff in the body called free radicals and deactivate them, which reduces inflammation, pain, and stiffness. I’ve heard my human talk about how free radicals that are not deactivated contribute to the aging process and can do something called cross-linking with collagen. Whatever that is, it doesn’t sound good.

These free radicals are known as ROS (reactive oxygen species), and during periods of physical stress or environmental stresses (pollutants or exposure to certain chemicals), more free radicals are produced in the body. This can result in changes and damage to cell structures, damage DNA, and cause oxidations of lipids and amino acids.

Some humans may think that Comfort Zone is best for the older dog, but I am here to tell you as a six-year-old canine athlete that Comfort Zone is important for all active dogs, and those exposed to environmental stressors.

Even dogs who have finicky palates, like Thunderbear, will eat Comfort Zone because it has de-fatted beef liver from Argentina in it, which is really yummy.

Good food, lots of exercise, plenty of rest, human love, and Comfort Zonemix with a deer chase, a squirrel pursuit, and bossing a bowling ball of a cat around and it’s a quite the perfect life, or what I refer to as Comfort and Joy.

BioStar's K9 Comfort Zone - Ultra

Comfort Zone K9 – Ultra


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