Buckaroo hunting vermin -- one of the best ways to embrace your inner canine

Let Out Your Inner Canine

Humans are Homo sapiens, it’s true, yet little do they know that within each of them, an elemental canine resides—the essence of canine; the essence of living in the moment.  Not all humans are comfortable letting out their inner canine, but those who do are much better off. Trust me on this, and follow these tips:

1 – Get Dirty

Embrace your inner canine.
Start with a good roll in the grass.  Wet grass is preferred, although not mandatory. Better yet, roll on some fresh horse manure, or cow patties, or a rotting carcass a hunter left behind in the woods.   Rolling in these earthy elements is not only Nature’s Loofah, it also provides a protective aroma that is especially beneficial if you are living with cats.

2 – Dig a Little Deeper

Embrace your inner canine.A freshly tilled garden, or freshly planted rows of tomatoes are excellent opportunities to dig with your paws. Take off those gloves, get on your hands and knees and dig vigorously, making sure the dirt goes flying in many directions. What are you looking for in that hole? Your inner canine. And you will find it. Burying a bone or a toy or a secret stash of money is optional. Lying in the hole you’ve dug is recommended.

3 – Howl at the Moon

Embrace your inner canine.This is better therapy than a psychiatrist, and less fattening than chocolate. Tilt your head back and let out a good ARR WOO. This causes the endorphins in your brain to elevate, and releases tension/worry/fear. Howling may start a conversation with every other canine in the neighborhood. Don’t worry, we don’t judge.

4- Be a Napster

Embrace your inner canine.Napping is an important canine pastime, and humans would do well to give yourselves permission to nap. I think humans would be far less grumpy if they got enough sleep.

5 – Unplug

Embrace your inner canine.No canine would have invented the kind of technologies that humans are addicted to, like cell phones, computers and tablets. We dogs are innately plugged into the universe and telepathic communication. No dog in his right mind would spend hours punching a keyboard and looking at a monitor when we can be tuning in to the subtler frequencies of information. So, disconnect once in a while from your human communication highways, and let out your inner canine by allowing yourself to tune in to the unspoken.
NOTE: do not try telepathy with cats because they can really mess with your mind.

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