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Formulator’s Corner

This is where we go down the rabbit hole and talk about research and experiments with food, plants, and ingredients. The place where new ideas are sprouted, and new formulas and products are created.  Tigger Montague, our founder and formulator, shares her insights and scientific research on health, nutrition, ingredients, and formulas.  These articles are the basis of our products and our philosophies.

Circuvate EQ: A Formula for Better Blood Flow

The body’s circulation system is responsible for sending blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  Increased blood flow is a ...
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Circuvate EQ: A Formula for Better Blood Flow

Herbicides and Hay

There has been a troublesome trend over the last few years:  more and more horse owners are reporting that their ...
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Herbicides and Hay by BioStar US

Feeding the Hard Keeper

As the grass dies off in the late fall, it can become more challenging to maintain weight on the hard ...
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Feeding the Hard Keeper

Autumn: Seasonal Support for the Liver

In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, autumn is known as a cleansing time for the liver. The liver is ...
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Autumn, the season for liver support - BioStar US

Bone Remodeling in Horses

Bone remodeling is an ongoing process in horses, and in all mammals larger than rats.  This lifelong process repairs micro-damage ...
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Bone Remodeling in Horses by BioStar US

Patience Is a Virtue

Oftentimes I’m called in for a consultation on a difficult case, such as a horse with multiple issues that don’t ...
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Patience is a Virtue - by BioStar US

New From BioStar: Quantum & Impulsion

As you know, BioStar has never been a company that follows the pack. We stay true to our whole-food principles, ...
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BioStar's new products Quantum EQ and Impulsion EQ

In the BioStar Lab: Shilajit

Shilajit is a resin formed during the late Triassic period when geological shifts in the continents caused plants and ammonites ...
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Shilajit for horses by BioStar US

Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds: Which Do I Feed My Horse?

I’m often asked the question, “Should I feed my horse flax or chia seeds?” My answer: “It depends on the ...
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Chia Seeds versus Flax Seeds for Horses

What’s the Poop?

Horse people are unique in many ways, and among all our various and interesting quirks is our obsession with poop.  ...
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Horse manure the poop on poop

Turning Down the Heat: Cooling Foods and Cool Star EQ

It’s summertime, and keeping horses cool requires stall fans, electrolytes, mineral salt blocks, and lots of water.  Did you know ...
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Cool Star EQ BioStar US photo

The Healing Art of the Poultice

The poultice has been used for healing over thousands of years; in fact, we can consider the poultice to be ...
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Poultices by BioStar US

Muscle Building, Muscle Breakdown: Understanding the Cycle

Horse people appreciate the equine athlete who is well-muscled, fit, and strong for his activity, whether it be canter pirouettes, ...
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Muscle Building and Breakdown Locomotion EQ

Managing Gastric Ulcer-Sensitive Horses

It can be challenging to manage a horse that tends to act ulcery  for days, weeks or months after gastric ...
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Gastric Sensitive Horses | BioStar US

Contaminated Feed and Supplements

Recently, the dressage community was shocked to learn that two well-known rider/trainers were suspended by the FEI based on drug ...
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How Contaminated Feed and Supplements Happen

The Industry and Ethics of Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is an important therapeutic food for horses and dogs.  It provides over 70 different growth factors for tissue ...
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Bovine Colostrum Ethics and industry by BioStar US

Trees, Mice and Lyme Disease

Two researchers in the Hudson River Valley* have identified an early warning system for Lyme disease; they can predict how ...
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Aloe Vera: The Healing Plant for Horses & Humans Alike

Aloe vera has a long history of use as an important and highly beneficial medicinal plant.  The Egyptians used aloe ...
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BioStar US Aloe Vera and TumEase

Tweaking Formulas: Thera Calm EQ Adds Haritaki for GI Support

Admittedly, I have a compulsion to tweak, adjust, and mess with everything — kitchen recipes, my GPS’s opinion on directions, ...
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Tigger Montague in BioStar Labs

New from BioStar: Optimum Healthy Weight

One of the most common equine health challenges is maintaining a healthy weight: not too fat, not too thin.  Horses ...
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Optimum Healthy Weight from BioStar US

Introducing BioStar’s Circuvate EQ: Whole Food Circulation Supplement

BioStar introduces Circuvate EQ, a brand-new circulation supplement in February, 2017, specifically designed for the equine circulatory system — the system ...
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Circuvate EQ: advanced circulatory support for horses from BioStar US

Whole Food Supplements for Horses and Dogs