Grace: Translation

Grace is a plott hound, a wonderful old dog, rescued from a puppy mill.  Grace had the luck of being discovered and adopted by BioStar’s Rick Moore so she could spend her remaining days in peace and comfort.

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Grace giving thanks

Giving Thanks, by Grace

by Grace I know the holiday is coming, I’ve heard talk about traveling and cooking and eating with family - ...
Grace diary of a dog

Diary of a Dog: Post-Surgery Days

Post-surgery Going Home Day:  For some, recovery is sweet and simple - a few meds, an extra day off and then ...
Grace: Translation


I’ve learned a lot since coming to this house.  I’ve learned that carrots are the best food ever.  I’ve learned ...
dog days of summer with grace

The Dog Days of Summer

Need some ideas for what to do during the Dog Days of Summer?   Grace has a week's worth of ...
Grace and Curiosity at the ocean


Reflections on the canine quality of curiosity, courtesy of Grace, a senior Plott Hound living with BioStar's Rick Moore... It’s ...