Alison Kavey on Healthy Critters Radio

Healthy Critters Radio: Managing Senior Horses, Electrolytes or Salt, Choosing a Trainer

Episode 42 of Healthy Critters Radio is now available via the Horse Radio Network! This episode includes:

  • Expert Corner: Alison Kavey of Rivendell Dressage discusses managing senior horses
  • Critter Nutrition: Electrolytes versus salts
  • Tiggipedia: Tigger’s favorite products for horses and dogs in the summer.
  • Coffee Klatch: tips on choosing a horse trainer
  • Ask Hedwig on Facebook

Hosted by Pati Pierucci of Pierucci Dressage and Tigger Montague of BioStar, the show features interviews with experts, breed highlights, nutritional information, and an advice segment with Hedwig, our feisty Pomeranian friend.

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Photo Credit: Allison Kavey and QueBa: Photo by Susan J. Stickle

Pati Pierucci of Pierucci Dressage is a horse trainer and competitor with many years experience, going back as far as 1995.  She is currently a trainer at Creek Colony and All Zenas Horses, in Texas. Pati not only is a well-known FEI dressage rider and trainer, she also is a wife with three children, with a variety of dogs including Frenchies, and has a particular affinity for Starbucks coffee. ..which may have something to do with her seemingly boundless energy and quick wit.

Tigger Montague of BioStar US is the daughter of a baker, and the granddaughter of a dairyman, and has inherited the same passions as her family about real food. With over 30 years experience in the equine and human supplement industry, Tigger knows nutrition from the synthetic side as well as the whole food side. She started Biostar in 2006 with formulas she created in her kitchen.  Before she started the company, she was an avid rider and competitor with eventing and show jumping, until she got hooked on dressage in the late 1980’s.  She has competed on horses she’s owned and trained all the way from training level to grand prix.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Critters Radio: Managing Senior Horses, Electrolytes or Salt, Choosing a Trainer”

  1. Beautiful Horse! How unfortunate there is a nose band ! And not to mention it is So TIGHT!
    Nutrition is import but the psychology as it pertains to training the horse is more important.
    Can anyone tell if they know the origin of the nose band and why it was used?
    Love your products!

    1. Unless we are standing next to the horse and actually feeling how tight a noseband is (which is what the FEI Stewards do) we cannot assume this noseband is too tight. It looks to me like it is fitted properly: not too loose to cause rubs, and not cranked down because there is no tell-tale caveson pad.
      Here are some articles on the history and use of the noseband:
      Noseband Special: Part I: The History of the Noseband | eurodressage
      Noseband Special: Part II: The Purpose of the Noseband | eurodressage

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