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Kemosabe’s 7 Senior Dog Care Tips

BioStar’s highest ranking Aussie, Kemosabe, shares his top 7 senior dog care tips:


I reached the grand age of 13 in January.  In human terms I am 74 years old.

I don’t move as fast as I used to, and I don’t hear as well either.  I sleep a lot, and I’m stiff when I get up. My black fur is tinged with grey, which weirdly mirrors my human’s greying hair. We are getting old together.

I rest my head in her lap, she strokes and massages me.  I grunt with pleasure, she chuckles.

She tells me our stories:

Remember the times we went to the beach? …Remember that time I had to smuggle you in and out of a hotel? …Remember all the horse shows? …Remember how you stole a workman’s sandwich out of his truck? …Remember how many Optimum EQ bars you sneaked out of the production area of Biostar like a Ninja Aussie?”

My history is her history. She is mine, I am hers.

My vet says I am in great shape. Yes, I have elbow dysplasia in my right elbow and stiff hips, but I don’t need Rimadyl or any other pain medication yet. I’ve never even had to have a dental cleaning.

Kemosabe’s tips for senior dog care:

1 – A good bed!  

I have two memory foam orthopedic beds, because I’m special. One is in the living room and one in the bedroom.  I never really liked dog beds until I became a senior.  Now I love them.  I prefer the couch variety orthopedic bed so that I can rest my head on the poofy sides of the couch.

Kemosabe's 7 Senior Dog Care Tips | BioStarUS

2 – Food!  

I spent most of my life eating raw, but now as a senior, I need more warming food for my digestive tract. I get cooked food from The Farmer’s Dog, and the calories are specially calculated for me so that I don’t gain weight.  Managing weight is important for all dogs, but especially seniors since we don’t burn the calories like we used to.

3 – Exercise!  

I like to go for walks through the pastures and into the forest with my human. The more I move, the better I feel.  Unfortunately my human says that when I amble over to the chicken coop and snatch an egg or two out of the nest that does not count as exercise.

Kemosabe's 7 Senior Dog Care Tips | BioStarUS

4 – Nose Work!  

I may be a senior, but I still can smell things.  I like to smell the earth around logs where little varmints might live, root around leaves and humic soils with my nose to scent what fox or deer or raccoon ventured this way.  I like to nose around trees, and bushes, see what messages the other pack members left.  Nose work activates the portion of my brain that is also responsible for the release of dopamine. Providing plenty of nose work is just as important to senior dog care as anything else on my list.

Sometimes my human plays the “Find It” game with me.  She hides a treat and I have to sniff it out.  I made my own game called “The Box Turtle Transport” game.  I find a box turtle and carry it gently in mouth to a new location: my human’s lap.

Kemosabe's 7 Senior Dog Care Tips | BioStarUS

5 – Supplements!  

My supplement regime consists of Biostar’s Juvenate K9, Trinity K9, and Optimum K9 Senior.  Juvenate gives me energy and helps control the weight in my mid-section.  Trinity provides CBD and green mussels plus antioxidants for my joints and whole body.  Optimum Senior K9 provides the macro and micro nutrients I need plus Holy Basil for stress and bovine colostrum to support my immune system.  

6 – Treats!  

My human can be a little stingy in this department, however, she does let me have a raw beef knuckle bone once a week which is good for my teeth.  I do get a couple of Biostar’s Dog Star Liver Treats every day because they are small and wholesome, not junk food.  I also enjoy cruising the Production area at Biostar, nosing around for crumbs on the floor…shhh, don’t tell my human.

7 – Don’t Treat Me Like an Old Dog!  

I may not be able to run like I used to, I am a bit creaky when I get up, I don’t hear as well as I used, and I do like my naps, but … I still want to be included in outings, car rides, and adventures.  I’m still interested in life and living.  Being included makes me feel young, loved, and appreciated.

Kemosabe's 7 Senior Dog Care Tips | BioStarUS


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