Like a Puppy Again! Sonny’s Adventures with Juvenate K9

Sonny is a quirky, complex, and loyal 15-year-old Coton de Tulear who grew up alongside Emily, BioStar’s Canine Brand Ambassador. As a child, Emily was drawn to the small but hardy breed when she read that “it is a companion dog that loves wide-open spaces, enjoys swimming, and can follow its master on horseback for many miles.” Sonny has exceeded those expectations and more; he’s still finding puppy dog energy in his teens.

When people look at us Cotons, they think we are all fluff and no tough, but I’ve proven that you can’t judge a book by its soft, white cover. Even as a puppy, with puppy dog energy, I was a professional toddler-herder and ankle-nipper. As I grew, my accolades only increased, as I proved quite adept at escaping all sorts of crates and gates thanks to my agility or even sheer jaw force. Mom always said I was the best copilot, and I came alive when I heard the jingle of car keys. I never knew if we were headed to the barn, the beach, the lake, or just around the corner, but I was always ready for adventure.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I felt myself slowing down when I hit my teenage years. Mom caught me snoozing in the back seat rather than riding shotgun with my tongue out. I even had to ask for help getting onto the bed so I could snag my rightful spot in the middle before the new puppy—or worse, the cats!—could snuggle in closest to her. I didn’t want to be left out, but even short walks left me grumbling at the end of my leash. Sometimes if someone picked me up the wrong way or I jumped off the couch too hard, I would yelp. It was humiliating. I felt like one of those squeaky toys I used to destroy!

When Tigger announced a new canine supplement called Juvenate K9 at a BioStar meeting, I barely lifted my head off Mom’s lap. I caught a few words like “antioxidant” and “anti-inflammatory,” and something to do with boosting dog energy, but dozed back off. I should’ve paid more attention, because the next thing I knew, there was some strange brown powder in my food bowl. I was skeptical, but it smelled like liver and I didn’t want to disappoint (or leave any leftovers for the puppy to finish behind me), so I tried it.

I can’t quite explain it, but after just a couple of days, I felt lighter on my feet. Whenever Mom came home, I was right there with the puppy, leaping around her feet to celebrate her return—and dinnertime with Juvenate! Over the next month, I realized I wasn’t hurting when I got picked up, I was running to the door with the pack when the delivery guys came to BioStar, and I even found myself play bowing back at the puppy. Before Juvenate, I pretty much just went outside to do my business and was ready to go back inside. Now, having voluntarily explored the far reaches of the property at home, I’ve convinced Mom to take me on a real hike again!

BioStar's Juvenate K9 supports boosted dog energy and immune function

BioStar US Juvenate K9 for Canine mobility, energy, and immune supportEveryone at BioStar has been thrilled with my transformation, but they’re not surprised. After all, Crominex®, the active ingredient in Juvenate, has been clinically proven to help with pain management and restoring puppy dog energy in older dogs like me. Since Juvenate found its way into my bowl, I’ve started paying more attention at the meetings. I’ve learned about how Juvenate provides an Ayurvedic powerhouse blend of bioavailable chromium, Indian gooseberry, shilajit, and tasty beef liver for joint, circulatory, energy, and immune support. Those are a lot of big words, but a smart Coton like me knows what they mean: Juvenate is just the thing to make me feel like one tough puppy again!

Sonny at work at BioStar

Sonny hard at work at BioStar (March, 2017)

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