Lizzy's Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

Lizzy’s Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

The food, treats and puppy toys that I give my dogs get an equal amount of research regarding sourcing, quality and safety. Learning about what’s going into my dogs’ mouths is a joyful passion. Weighing the whole picture and what brings happiness and stress relief to you and your dogs is what’s important; and making sure your dog is getting suitable enrichment and mental exercise.

This week’s tips are for puppy toys that contact food, and healthy foods to use in these toys. I prioritize appropriately sized toys made of materials that are food-safe, non-toxic, easy to clean and durable. A company who happily answers my questions and is clearly conscientious about what goes into making their toys, earns my business.

Food Puzzles: provide mental stimulation and lead to a nice nap! Nina Ottoson’s puzzle toys are a favorite!

Tip: Vary what foods go into the puzzle. Dry options include freeze-dried treats, Biostar’s Dog Star training treats and Carna4 whole food nuggets. *Puzzle toys can sometimes hold wet foods.

Puppy toys recommended by Lizzie Meyer | BioStar US

Toppls: My freezer is full of creatively stuffed West Paw Toppls. They’re fun food puzzles that can be used as boredom-busters and to create positive association with time in the crate.

Hint: Build the puppy’s confidence with easy to empty toys. Once mastered, try freezing the stuffed toy.

Puppy toys recommended by Lizzie Meyer | BioStar US

Size-appropriate, short, sturdy cardboard boxes: This is a great freebie option! On a non-slip surface, I use a clicker, treats and positive reinforcement to get the puppy to touch the box, walk around it, sit next in different relations to the box, put a paw on it, step on parts of it, etc.

Puppy toys recommended by Lizzie Meyer | BioStar US



– Photo credits: Lizzy Meyer


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