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Success with Neuro-Plex and Chi Tonic!

Tess Strumwasser of Massachusetts-based Equipoise Dressage sends us this report of her success with an EPM-relapsing gelding named EL Maverick — thanks in part to BioStar’s Neuro-Plex EQ and Chi Tonic!

“I have been consistently using BioStar products on various horses for over three years. I was excited to hear that Tigger had developed a new formula to support horses with various neuromuscular disorders, Neuro-Plex EQ.

I currently have two horses with EPM under my care. When Neuro-Plex EQ came out, these two horses had just returned to Massachusetts from Florida. It’s typical for both them, after the stress of that travel, to show minor EPM relapse symptoms a week or two after returning north. Accordingly we treat them, before, during and shortly after the trip, with the medicine (Rebalance®) that both have historically responded the best to.

Once arriving home, the gelding, “LE Maverick”, who is owned by the Marchand family, seemed to be doing quite well and, being over-eager to get him off Rebalance®, I stopped treatment two weeks after returning North. Within 10 days he started to show his signs of EPM relapse – his right lead canter got harder to organize and balance, he was spookier and more sensitive to light changes, and so on.

Feeling this, I immediately put him back on Rebalance, but I also started him on a course of Neuro-Plex EQ and Chi Tonic. He bounced back to his normal, highly coordinated and settled self quicker than I had *ever* seen him in comparison to just using traditional treatment alone. Not that I have ever doubted the utility of BioStar products before, but these results were amazing, and a massive relief to see.

We had the first show of the spring season in Region 8 coming up in early June that I was sure we would need to scratch from due to the EPM relapse. Instead, we were able to go, and put in two respectable PSG tests with Leif feeling ready and able, and me not feeling like I was having to push him in any way that was unfair given where his condition and coordination was. I am not one to get zealous about much, but I strongly feel this would not have been possible without the addition of Neuro-Plex EQ and Chi Tonic EQ to his regimen.

Now I know how to support him far better (and more holistically!) as he comes off Rebalance®. Thank you Tigger and everyone at BioStar for the intelligence and creativity it takes to keep coming up with these amazingly helpful product lines.”


Tess Strumwasser


Neuro-Plex EQ | BioStar US

Neuro-Plex EQ

Neuro-Plex EQ supports a healthy brain-to-muscle neurovascular system. With ingredients from Eastern medicine and Western science, this paste is recommended to support horses with common neuromuscular challenges.


Chi Tonic EQ by BioStar US

Chi Tonic EQ

Chi Tonic EQ provides important adaptogenic extracts to support wellbeing and homeostasis, and supports the microbiome, red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, and nerve function.





* Photos care of Tess Strumwasser
* Rebalance® is a registered trademark of Pegasus Laboratories


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