Bheatrix and Alixir EQ

     “Bheatrix, my 11 year-old GOV [Oldenburg Verband] mare, had her first foal late Tuesday afternoon. The delivery went well and she produced a very tall colt. He hit all the right milestones the first night – stood up, nursed, bright and alert. He spent his first full day trying to figure out his very long legs, while Bheatrix tried to keep up with his nearly constant need to feed.
     Even with Equidone, she was struggling to produce enough milk. I noticed that she was not drinking more than she had before delivering, which was undoubtedly wiping her out and making it harder for her to produce milk. By the end of their second full day together, they were both looking peaked – she was mildly dehydrated, and he was droopy.
     I gave her Alixir EQ with her wet feed that afternoon. Within half an hour, she was much brighter. Within 2 hours, so was he. And by the next morning, she had consumed an additional bucket of water! 
     They are both thriving now. I have used Alixir for recovery for competition horses and to support seniors. I have also used it to help with mild colics. And now, it proved itself indispensable in helping a mare and foal. 
     Thank you, BioStar!”
~ Allison Kavey



Alixir EQAlixir EQ paste is a comprehensive recovery formula, providing hydration support, as well as mitochondrial support from purified shilajit extract. Alixir EQ uses the oral transmucosal pathway, providing fast delivery to the systemic circulatory system.



* Photos and video care of Allison Kavey
* Equidone is a registered trademark of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

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