Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Meet the Dogs of BioStar! (Part 2)

Here at BioStar, we love dogs! Because we loved learning more about some of our riders’ canine companions in our first “Dogs of BioStar” blog post, we decided to get introduced to some more! This time, we chatted with BioStar riders Shannon Peters, Allison Kavey, and Anna Hallene to hear all about their beloved barn helpers. Read on to get acquainted with the dogs!

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Anna’s Violet

Tell us about your dogs! Do they have nicknames? 

Anna Hallene: “Violet is my 4 year old golden retriever.  We call her Vi or Peeps (because she was so fluffy as a puppy). And if the guys ever catch her doing anything naughty at the barn, it’s Violetta.” 

Allison Kavey: “There are quite a few…there are four Pomeranians who were all puppy mill rescues: Christabelle was first. She is named for La Belle Dame Sans Merci and the double reference from Possession. Hedwig was second–not named for the owl. Some know her as Heddie. Peaseblossom and Mustardseed came together last April. Clearly Shakespeare, though their nicknames are Peaser and The Seed. Cowboy is a breeder re-home who kept his name but is more commonly known as Boy or The Goblin.”

Shannon Peters: “We have one, the one and only Betty!” 

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Allison Kavey and Christabelle

How long have they been in your family?

Anna Hallene: “4 years as of this month.”

Allison Kavey: Christabelle has been with me for 8.5 years, Hedwig for 7, Cowboy for 3.”

Shannon Peters: “13 years.” 

Meet the dogs of BioStar

Shannon and Steffen with the one and only Betty.

Do they have favorite toys? What about favorite treats?

Anna Hallene: “She has this little green bone that I got her, I don’t even know from where.  But she absolutely loves it and carries it around with just one end in her mouth and the rest sticking out like a cigar.  She looks hilarious.  As far as treats – her absolute favorite is butter. (Grass fed, of course.) Not even kidding!”

Allison Kavey: “CHEESE!”

Shannon Peters: “Any and all treats, LOL, she’s not picky. Her favorite toy is her Lamby from when she was puppy- Lamby is a bit in rough shape, but still hanging on!”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Violet meets and greets!

Do they have any favorite barn activities? Perhaps walking with you on hacks, helping teach lessons, or “helping” pick out stalls? 

Anna Hallene: “Violet lives for the barn life.  She’s the official greeter, assistant everything, emotional support animal, feed quality control specialist, trail guide, and resident frog chaser (around the pond).”

Allison Kavey: “They guard the barn and make sure that I am doing my job properly.  Close observation is required at all times, as they believe I am prone to laziness.”

Shannon Peters: “She mostly sleeps while we are teaching these days… she’s almost deaf, and enjoys her naps!”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Cowboy, making sure Allison isn’t being lazy.

Are they more laid back, or high energy? How do they fit into the “pack?”

Anna Hallene: “Violet has a “smile” on her face like 95% of the time.  She’s pretty laid back, and pretty low key, but with a silly side.  She still gets the zoomies on the daily when playing with other dogs.” 

Allison Kavey: “Everyone must accompany me out for morning chores to make sure I am properly feeding, turning out, etc.  Then they nap…I mean oversee…while I do stalls.

Shannon Peters: “She’s always been laid back. She would play when she was younger, but has always loved a good nap!”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Betty loooooves her Dad (Steffen Peters)! (credit: Lauren Ashley Films)

What would their ideal day look like? 

Anna Hallene: “Any day where she gets to ride in the truck on the way to work, go for a trail ride, chase some frogs around the pond (but no swimming – only wading), and go for a golf cart ride.  Bonus points if she doesn’t have to stay at work past her preferred dinner time.” 

Allison Kavey: “Napping while I work.

Shannon Peters: “Following her dad (Steffen) anywhere he goes. She’s happy just to lie at his feet in his shop, or when he’s teaching. Anywhere he is, she would like to be!”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Violet likes butter. I mean BioStar. (but really, butter).

If they could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, what would it be?

Anna Hallene: “Butter 🤷‍♀️” 

Allison Kavey: “CHEESE!

Shannon Peters: “Cookies. Lots of them. 😊”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Hedwig says “More cheese please!”

If they had human voices, what do you think it would sound like? 

Anna Hallene: “Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. “Being the best dog ever? What, like it’s hard?”

Allison Kavey: “Well, we all know how Hedwig sounds!” [Hedwig shares her opinions on Healthy Critters Radio podcast twice a month!]

Shannon Peters: “Princess Diana.”

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Betty, waiting for Dad to come back from traveling. (credit: Olivia Hilsley Photography

What is your favorite story with your dogs? Anything funny they have done that you have a favorite memory of? 

Anna Hallene: “Oh it’s hard to choose.  She makes us laugh on a daily basis by just being herself.” 

Allison Kavey: “Hedwig ate a pound of chocolate covered espresso beans one Christmas Eve. That was a very hyper, GI-distressed holiday!

Shannon Peters: “Whenever Steffen travels, she has to be lying on one of his clothing items or shoes, or lying in the back seat of his car….That’s when she is happiest! She lets me know for sure, if neither of these are available immediately.” 

Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Violet is Legally Blonde

What celebrity would they be if they were human?

Anna Hallene: “Probably Reese Witherspoon – Upbeat, loved by everyone but down to earth – and blonde. 😉” 

Allison Kavey: “Christabelle is the Buddha. Hedwig is Hedwig. Cowboy is a muppet. Peaseblossom is Pink. Mustardseed is a gnomic scholar.”

Shannon Peters: “Well, if she were still alive, Princess Diana!”


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