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Success: Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic!

Recovery Time Improvement: Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic! | BioStarUSOrange is a very tall (17.3+) 8-year-old GOV gelding who is competing at 4th level and schooling the I1. He works hard, and he has historically had tight muscles and slow recovery – especially as the week goes on. He has done well on Quantum EQ, but even that was not enough to keep him feeling fresh and ready to go by day five. Tigger recommended I try Chi Tonic, and I did so.

Starting at 5 cc per day, I noticed an improvement in recovery and muscle soreness. But at 5 cc twice per day, combined with Quantum twice per day, Orange felt like a new man!

In my experience, this product is exceptionally good for improving recovery time and maintaining muscle flexibility. It certainly played an integral part in our horse show success this past weekend, and I look forward to continuing to use it as this talented young horse develops into the FEI arena.”

~ Allison Kavey

Recovery Time Improvement: Kavey, Orange, and Chi Tonic! | BioStarUS

Chi Tonic EQ by BioStar US

Chi Tonic EQ is a liquid supplement for horses to revitalize, restore, and rebalance the body. Chi Tonic provides important adaptogen extracts to support recovery time, wellbeing and homeostasis, based on Eastern medicine concepts of Qi (“Chi”) and Prana (the life force within each horse).

Chi Tonic also supports the microbiome, helping to rebalance beneficial colonies in the GI tract commonly affected by stress; and supports red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, and nerve function.


Quantum EQ - 60 Serving Bucket - by BioStar US

Quantum EQ™ provides a blend of real ingredients to support energy, stamina, metabolism, recovery time, muscle maintenance and bone health.

For energy support, Quantum provides purified extract from Shilajit, used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine.. Quantum also provides Astaxanthin, a super antioxidant that supports healthy muscle function and recovery, which is vitally important for performance horses. Read more about Shilajit and Quantum on our blog.

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