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Hoary Alyssum: A plant you don’t want to find in your hay | BioStar US

Hoary Alyssum: A Plant You Don’t Want to Find in Your Hay

Recently several horses in Wellington, Florida presented with swollen legs, fevers, and laminitis. The culprit appears to be hoary alyssum, ...
Katie Robicheaux and Laney Success with BioStar

Laney’s Success Story

BioStar hears from 2023 Regional Fourth Level Dressage Champion Katie Robicheaux, who offers her tale of dietary challenge and triumph ...
Integral K9 for dogs | BioStar US

Collagen for Canine Gut Health: Integral K9

The most common health challenges dog owners tell us about are the GI tract issues in their dogs. These issues ...
Increasing Microbial Diversity Wild Horses | BioStar US

Look to the Gut: Increasing Microbiome Diversity

The microbiome of the gut is a fascinating universe — one we are just beginning to understand. The complexities are ...
Activated Charcoal | BioStar US

Charcoal: Beyond Barbecue

As it turns out, the toxin-absorbing action of activated charcoal isn't just beneficial to humans. Read on, as Tigger discovers ...
Chester at BioStar Labs

Formulation: Behind the Scenes at BioStar

From BioStar’s humble beginnings to the present, we have always done our own formulation research and made our own products ...
Star-Lixir EQ: Equine Cooling and Recovery Formula | BioStar US

Star-Lixir EQ: Equine Cooling and Recovery supplement

BioStar’s Alixir EQ recovery supplement paste is one of our most popular paste formulas. It helps horses recover from physical ...
Meet Lizzy Meyer Canine Specialist | BioStar US

Meet Lizzy Meyer, our Canine Product Specialist

ENHANCING DOGS' LIVES THROUGH NUTRITION & HEARTWORKS We sat down with longtime BioStar team member Lizzy Meyer, who recently officially ...
Orlob and Stevens for Team BioStar

Team BioStar Welcomes Marcus Orlob and Shannon Stevens

BioStar is pleased to welcome Marcus Orlob and Shannon Stevens to the BioStar sponsored rider team! In addition to being ...
Tigger Montague and BioStar Interview

Tigger Montague and the History of BioStar

“In making medicine, in making something helpful and wholesome and nutritious, you have to be very focused. You've got to ...
BioStar's Travel Tips for Equestrian Season | BioStar US

Healthy and Safe Travel with Horses

The annual migration south is occurring, as horses from all over the U.S., Canada, South America and parts of Europe ...
Tim Delovich at Ashmeadow Farm | BioStar US

Tim Delovich Provides Top Care for Champion Derby Horses 

We recently sat down to talk with Tim Delovich, barn manager and caretaker at Ashmeadow Farm, to hear about the ...