Nutrition and Feeding

Nutrition and Feeding


Diet and nutrition protocols, important information, instructions, and advice for horses and dogs.

Red Clay Electrolytes

The Wonders of HSCAS: Healing Clay for Horses

On my frequent journeys down the rabbit hole of research, I stumbled upon a silicate clay designated in scientific terms ...
Whole food nutrients: the body's preferred delivery method

Whole Food Nutrients: The Body’s Top Choice

Before there was much specific talk of whole food nutrients, there was a simpler question: HOW ARE NUTRIENTS DELIVERED TO ...
Nutritionism: Understanding Ingredients, Understanding Food

Nutritionism: Understanding Ingredients, Understanding Food

Before jumping into nutritionism, let's think about ingredients for a moment. When we read the labeled contents of most commercial ...
Commercially processed horse feed

Processed Horse Feed: The Great Compromise

The advantages of commercially processed horse feed: There is no question that commercially processed horse feed has provided convenience to ...
Healing Power of Smectite Clay | BioStar US

The Amazing Healing Power of Smectite Clay

I want to go into some detail on the benefits of smectite clay for horses, but first, I confess: In ...
Winter Mash for Horses

Winter Mash for Horses

For years I have been making a Christmas mash for the horses. I enjoy preparing the mashes and watching the ...
Figs for horses and humans

A Fig for All Reasons

Figs are a member of the mulberry family and are believed to have been cultivated in Egypt. They became a ...
Almonds for Horses

Almond Joy: Choosing Almonds for Horses

While the health benefits of almonds for humans are well documented, almonds for horses are not yet as thoroughly researched ...
No Sweat: Anhidrosis in Horses

Anhidrosis Protocol Options

Anhidrosis in horses does not have a true, known cause, although there are many speculations on its etiology. Often, the ...
BioStar True Balance

Treating the Ulcer Horse: True Balance vs. Tum-Ease

Knowing when to use True Balance or Tum-Ease supplement can make a significant difference in the overall healing of horses ...
Horse liver and GI health becomes a focus in spring.

Feeding Horses for Spring Balance

As spring creeps up, the body systems go from the slumber and store mode to a more active spring-cleaning phase ...