Success Story: George and Trinity K9 | BioStar US

Success Story: Charlotte Byrd, George & Trinity K9

~ BioStar customer Charlotte Byrd shares her adventures with Trinity K9 and her dog George…

Dog Related PSA ahead…

I wanted to share this in case it’s useful for anyone:

Short version – if you have a dog with anxiety (or anything like that) we seem to be having great results with a product called Trinity K9.

Long version – George definitely has some worry/anxiety issues. When we first got him we tried CBD oil (hard to tell how much it helped, as the first weeks with him were… well, they were the first weeks and we know how they can go!). Then we put him on a product called Trinity K9, which includes a hemp biomass that naturally contains CBD. CBD works a little different when taken in this way, rather than as oil.

We weren’t really sure how much it was doing, but he’s continued to settle in and be more and more relaxed. But then we ran out of Trinity. George had a couple of zoomie-in-the-living-room episodes, got freaked out by a doorway, and a barked at us (all very frequent in the beginning). When Trinity arrived, back on it he went. No more of the above things. Maybe it was just coincidence?

Success Story: Charlotte Byrd, George, Trinity K9 and stress reduction | BioStar USLast week George unstuffed the sofa on 2 occasions and had 2 barking fits at us, and just seemed far more high strung.

We finally put it together that we’d ran out of Trinity again and he hadn’t had any for a few days, so we made sure to get it again.
It seems like this product is really helping! He hasn’t had any sofa-unstuffing or barking episodes in a couple of months now!

It also has ingredients that are great for joints and irritations. CBD really helps with homeostasis, so it can help with lots of things… anxiety, discomfort, oxidative stress, anything where a dog is out of sorts. It doesn’t sedate so much as even him out, if that makes sense.
I just wanted to share, as anxiety issues are common with rescue dogs and dogs in general, and I thought it might help or be something to try if needed.

Success Story: Charlotte Byrd, George and Trinity K9 | BioStar US

P.S. We also use a product from BioStar called Thera Calm K9, which is more for specific calming like for fireworks, storms, etc. It works great and will zonk a pup right out if needed.

We’ve also use the pheromone stuff before for specific times but honestly not sure on its effectiveness. We personally like Biostar products as they are completely natural. They also make a horse version.”


~ Charlotte Byrd






Trinity K9: CBD Formula for Dogs | BioStar USTrinity K9 is a wellness formula for dogs that supports homeostasis and well-being; providing a complex of ingredients that supports immune function, digestion, metabolism, movement, and mood.

Trinity provides USA-grown organic hemp biomass — a blend of flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant containing over 200 vital components such as terpenes and bioflovanoids. Trinity also contains turmeric, green-lipped mussel, astaxanthin, organic chlorella, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, and organic black pepper.

BioStar Thera Calm K9Thera Calm K9 is a unique complex for dogs that become upset or anxious during times of stress. Made into handy cubes, your dog will think he’s getting a treat. A blend of milk casein, herbs, brewer’s yeast, organic pumpkin, organic coconut oil, organic flax seeds, and desiccated liver makes this a nourishing and tasty supplement.
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