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For the Love of Senior Dogs

I belong to an illustrious group of canines known as seniors.  I have a little bit of grey hair around my eyes, I don’t run as fast as I used to, I have dysplasia in my right front elbow.  But other than that, I am a healthy, happy senior citizen.

This year my human fans in Wellington, Florida have commented on how good I look.  Of course they didn’t see me before my human whisked me into the dog spa, twelve hours after we arrived here so that I could be bathed, get the hot oil treatment for my coat and look a little less like a farm dog whose idea of a spa is a swim in the creek and then a roll in the mud.

Some of my fans have told my human that I look “better than ever.”

And several have commented to my human that they can’t get over how well I am moving.

It’s true I’ve shed a few pounds.  I exercise daily at the farm just running around with the other Aussies and chasing wild critters both real and imagined.

I am on a raw diet, and have been for several years. Get my once-a-year check up with the vet, have lots of love time with my human.  So why I am like fine wine, getting better every year?

I think it is because I have been on BioStar’s Trinity K9.  Nothing else has changed in my routine, food, or supplements other than the addition of Trinity.

In fact, on Trinity I don’t need Previcox, or any anti-inflammatory medicine like I used to when I overdid things and became really sore.  Or when I was just having an uncomfortable day. Now I may overdo it, but I just get another dose of Trinity and I am raring to go the next day.

Support for senior dogs
Almost all senior dogs can benefit from joint support, inflammatory response support, and antioxidant support.   Just giving a joint supplement may not be enough, and just giving a single ingredient for oxidative stress such as turmeric may not cover the variety of aging mechanisms in the body.

Senior dogs such as myself need a full spectrum of support.  And that is what Trinity provides.

Now, admittedly, my human has used me as a test subject for many of her wacky ideas.  She also has tried other company’s supplements on me, writing her notes in a little book, making her observations, and  evaluations on how I move, what my attitude is, and what my stool looks like. Luckily, she expects little in terms of results, preferring to have no expectations. 

But Trinity K9 surprised both her and me.  It did not work instantly.  It took a week before she noticed that I limped less after napping, and as time has gone on, I just keep improving.   Why just yesterday I snatched a toy out from under Wookie’s nose (the youngster!), and ran around the house with it saying “neener, neener, neener.”

My advice is to give your senior dogs some Trinity K9 every day, and watch  your dog find his or her rejuvenation.

Kemosabe plays again with Trinity K9 | BioStar US
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