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Success Story: Kelly Soleau-Millar finds Performance Success with Whole Food

When Kelly Soleau-Millar’s top horse at the time was battling persistent hind gut ulcers and no medication seemed to work, she felt like she had hit a dead end. After being introduced to Tigger Montague, owner and founder of BioStar US, the two discussed the best options for her horse and decided to put him on a whole food diet and supplement regimen of BioStar US supplements. Kelly and her team were excited to watch the horse’s health take a turn for the better, with the ulcers and need for medication disappearing in only about a month’s time. “It ended up changing the horse’s life,” she explained. “We got him off all the medication and went forward with the diet changes and the supplements. That meant a lot to me.”

Kelly Soleau- Millar | BioStar US

In April 2018, Kelly competed for the first time in the LONGINES CSIO 5* Coapexpan Nations Cup where she and Cacharel helped Team USA secure the silver medal. Photo: Kelly Soleau-Millar and Cacharel in Wellington, Florida.

Since she first became aware of the impact a whole food diet and BioStar’s top quality supplements could have on her equine partners, Kelly has kept all of the horses under her care at Bridge Brook Arms on the program. As the full-time trainer at Millar Brooke Farm, owner and manager of her own farm and a competitive athlete in show jumping, she is very familiar with the needs of her horses and what kind of nutrition benefits them in and out of the arena. Over the years, she has continued to be impressed by the enhanced health and performance of her horses.

Kelly Soleau-Millar | BioStar US

Since she first became aware of the impact a whole food diet and BioStar’s top quality supplements could have on her equine partners, Kelly has kept all of the horses under her care at Bridge Brook Arms on the program. Photo: Kelly Soleau-Millar and Cacharel in Wellington, Florida.

Competing alongside her husband, Jonathan Millar, Kelly is based out of Millar Brooke Farm in Perth, Ontario, and her own Bridge Brook Arms in Wellington, Florida, traveling on the international horse show circuits throughout the year. Travel and showing can be stressful for horses, but she has noticed that while prioritizing the horses’ nutrition and utilizing BioStar products, they are better able to maintain their health and manage stress. While she uses and loves all of the BioStar products, some of her favorites are Optimum GI, a multivitamin and mineral supplement with gastrointestinal support, Quantum EQ to promote energy and stamina and Circuvate EQ, an advanced circulatory support supplement.

Optimum GI EQ | BioStar US
Quantum EQ | BioStar US
Circuvate EQ for horses | BioStar US

Riding for both Millar Brooke and her family’s farm, Bridge Brook Arms, Kelly competes with her top mount Cacharel, who is on a BioStar nutrition regimen. Having been partnered with Cacharel since a highly successful 2017 season, she went on to ride in her first Nations’ Cup for the United States in Coapexpan, Mexico in 2018. She is looking forward to continuing to elevate her performance on the international stage with BioStar standing behind her and the rest of her team, including BioStar Ambassador Charlotte McLaughlin.

Kelly Soleau-Millar | BioStar US

Photo: Cacharel, Kelly Soleau-Millar, Tigger Montague, Charlotte McLaughlin, and Dublin.


Optimum GI EQ | BioStar USOptimum GI provides gastrointestinal and ulcer support with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, and highly digestible protein for whole horse health. This multivitamin mineral supplement supports a horse’s sensitive mucosa without interfering with normal digestive activity. Learn more about Optimum GI on our blog! 


Quantum EQ | BioStar USQuantum EQ™ provides a blend of real ingredients to support energy, stamina, metabolism, recovery, muscle maintenance and bone health. For energy support, Quantum provides purified Shilajit extract. Quantum also provides Astaxanthin, a super antioxidant that supports healthy muscle function and recovery, which is vitally important for performance horses. Read more about Shilajit and Quantum on our blog.


Circuvate EQ for horses | BioStar USCircuvate EQ™ provides support for the circulatory system by providing ingredients that assist nitric oxide production, the master circulatory molecule in the body. Increased circulation can benefit horses with metabolic imbalances, assist in the healing process of connective tissues, help reduce stiffness in joints, and support a healthy flow of blood from heart to hoof, and hoof to heart. Read more about Circuvate on our blog.

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