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Success Story: Maiden Special Weight Winner’s success with BioFlora EQ

When Yogurt crossed the wire first in a Maiden Special Weight race on the turf at Keeneland on July 10, 2020, it was a victory for all her connections. Yogurt’s breeder, BioStar customer Marie Robertson, has produced Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds for decades. Unlike a majority of Kentucky farms that focus on volume, Robertson focuses on quality and chooses to breed a handful of mares from racing families.

Robertson calls her breeding operation a “boutique broodmare band” and focuses on breeding mares from strong racing families with the intent to sell the offspring as yearlings. For Robertson, it’s not just the possibility of a high dollar sale but the potential to get the youngsters into good racing homes. Every racetrack success translates to a higher sale value for the next foal out of that mare and the potential for breeders awards. In Kentucky, breeders register their unborn foal with the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund which allows the breeder of record to earn cash awards for winning races not just in Kentucky but all over the world. It is possible for a small breeder to earn thousands of dollars in breeders awards for horses they no longer own. Robertson’s broodmare band may be small but it’s successful. Out of three 2018 fillies, Yogurt and one other are already winners.

Like many other agricultural pursuits, breeding Thoroughbreds isn’t for the faint of heart. The old adage “breed the best to the best, then hope for the best” holds true in the Thoroughbred business where the smallest blemish can crush a sale or stepping on a rock can dash Derby hopes. Robertson has seen her share of ups and downs, including the loss of Yogurt’s dam this year. Yogurt was one of those foals that wasn’t quite right and struggled with gastric distress early on. Robertson consulted equine sport therapist Cathy McEnroe, who suggested she try BioFlora EQ.

BioFlora EQ | BioStar USBioFlora EQ supports colonization of beneficial bacteria and healthy gut flora while maintaining a healthy immune system. These healthy bacteria may help if your horse suffers from GI upset or hindgut ulcers.


Robertson started Yogurt on BioFlora EQ and within a short time she began to show positive results.

I couldn’t believe how fast her gastric issues turned around. We were giving her the BioFlora by syringe because she was still nursing and just nibbling with her mother. The filly clearly responded to the BioFlora. I had never seen anything quite like it. The results were decisive and really quick. I hadn’t had that kind of results with any supplement before.”

Success Story: Maiden Special Weight Winner's success with BioFlora EQ | BioStar US

Yogurt sold at Keenland in September 2019.

Yogurt stayed on BioFlora EQ until she was sold at Keenland last September. Yogurt was far from a sales topper, in fact she brought $1300 which Robertson believes was because of her long weak pasterns. Robertson followed Yogurt’s progress with her new owners and by early 2020 it became apparent that the filly could run. “She took to training and had some decent early workouts then showed some ability in her first two races,” said Robertson. “I’ve been involved in all aspects of the Thoroughbred industry. I trained and exercised for years so for me the excitement is racing. Whenever they get to the races it makes my heart beat faster.”

After Yogurt’s success at the Maiden Special Weight race with BioFlora EQ, Robertson decided to consult with BioStar founder Tigger Montague about a whole food diet. Robertson fed the same feed for nearly 20 years but noticed it was taking more feed to keep her horses in condition. Not one to make big changes, Robertson was slowly won over and now feeds a blend of oats, coconut meal, Renew Gold and flax and regularly uses Optimum GI and BioFlora EQ.


Optimum GI EQ | BioStar USOptimum GI provides gastrointestinal and ulcer support with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, and highly digestible protein for whole horse health. This formula supports a horse’s sensitive mucosa without interfering with normal digestive activity.


BioFlora EQ | BioStar USBioFlora EQ provides 100 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) per serving. Micro-encapsulated to provide specific lactic acid bacteria which support the mucosal barrier. BioFlora EQ supports a healthy hindgut by maintaining a normal hindgut pH and ensures nutrients for beneficial microorganisms and healthy bone mineral density.

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