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Welcome to the BioStar Blog!

Our mission is to share information, help empower dog and horse owners with knowledge about nutrition and health of their animals, and to bring them the best whole food supplements.

Our blog articles are our personal experiences and opinions, as well as scientific research and nutritional studies.  These articles are our own, based on our own thoughts and research, and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.


What the Horses Have Taught Me

"When the student is ready, the master will come" — Zen Proverb I have had some ...
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Wellington 2011

BioStar Hits Wellington with Two New Whole Food Supplements for Horses

Every year when I come down to Wellington, Florida for the huge Winter Equestrian Circuit for ...
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BioStar Rebound EQ closeup

Rebound EQ: Whole Food Equine Recovery Supplement

Athletes are well known for taking steps to ensure optimal recovery after grueling workouts. That's why ...
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Bovine Colostrum EQ for horses

Super Food: Bovine Colostrum for Horses

To understand what makes BioStar's formulation of colostrum for horses so effective, we can start with ...
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BioFlora probiotic prebiotic for horses

Bio Flora EQ: Prebiotics / Probiotics for Horses

Prebiotics and probiotics for horses have been used as common additives to feed and supplements.   Until ...
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Will Coleman and Twizzel

Featured Rider: Will Coleman

Will Coleman has been feeding BioStar supplements to his horses for 2 years.  Twizzel’s BioStar program ...
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Nutritionism: Understanding Ingredients, Understanding Food

Nutritionism: Understanding Ingredients, Understanding Food

Before jumping into nutritionism, let's think about ingredients for a moment. When we read the labeled ...
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Commercially processed horse feed

Processed Horse Feed: The Great Compromise

The advantages of commercially processed horse feed: There is no question that commercially processed horse feed ...
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Clay for horses

The Amazing Healing Power of Smectite Clay

I want to go into some detail on the benefits of smectite clay for horses, but ...
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Winter Mash for Horses

Winter Mash for Horses

For years I have been making a Christmas mash for the horses. I enjoy preparing the ...
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Figs for horses and humans

A Fig for All Reasons

Figs are a member of the mulberry family and are believed to have been cultivated in ...
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Almonds for Horses

Almond Joy: Choosing Almonds for Horses

While the health benefits of almonds for humans are well documented, almonds for horses are not ...
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No Sweat: Anhidrosis in Horses

Anhidrosis Protocol Options

Anhidrosis in horses does not have a true, known cause, although there are many speculations on ...
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BioStar True Balance

Treating the Ulcer Horse: True Balance vs. Tum-Ease

Knowing when to use True Balance or Tum-Ease supplement can make a significant difference in the ...
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Horse liver and GI health becomes a focus in spring.

Feeding Horses for Spring Balance

As spring creeps up, the body systems go from the slumber and store mode to a ...
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